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Journal for amypinkglassJournal for amypinkglass
If you REALLY want to know, you will have to count it under TWO journal entries.

UNDER THE JANUARY [27] POSTING DATE OF THIS ARTICLE, a total of 14 people read it (hopefully my significant "others" (with an s), my friends have also read it so that they would at least know what is going on with me...an update)...It is NOW POSTED UNDER THE ENTRY DATE JANUARY [28] under the NEW heading: Untitled.

Although it was the same article, the January 27 title/ORIGINAL TITLE of it was *The Stalker misunderstood the term "King of the World"*...now this SAME article is named *Untitled*. I DELETED the January 27 unrevised ENTRY.

What happened: Hours after I wrote the article, I revised it and it would not go through!

So I made a NEW ENTRY with the same article instead of being able to edit the older one.

Then again, NO KIND OF TITLE WOULD GO THROUGH on the new post (I tried many titles, including its original one), the January 28 revision of the article *The Stalker misunderstood....* so I just named it "Untitled".

So if you want to know how many people have read this article now called Untitled just add the number of viewers on the January 27 entry of the SAME thing PLUS the viewers of Untitled, and you will get an accurate picture of how many people read the article.

Why would you want to know? I do not know...probably curiosity?
[I will use the asterisk * in place of the apostrophe because apostrophes do not work in this journal]

"King of the World" can mean anything to any man or woman. What about a REAL King of the World? Well, there IS that, like Charlemagne and other Emperors who hold kingdoms, but that is not what we are talking about here.

It so happens that I, Rosamond (Amy) understand the term "King of the World" in a general way. I understand it to mean that a man has achieved all his major goals in life...is that bad? That is a very good thing, and a happy event for a man.

Unfortunately, to my stalker, guess who, the term "King of the World" blatantly means "Target of A Gold-digger"...really?!?...you really take it to mean that??... Mr. Stalker? So now we have someone who implies that "a certain woman waiting for her *boyfriend* to be rich is truly a gold-digger..."...and that IN CONTRAST TO THIS WOMAN YOUR ENEMY (yes, the woman who banned you) YOU ARE THE GENUINE DEAL, yes, you will never value material things more than people, how touching, really!

[How awful of you, Mr. Stalker, reading my journal and then twisting the information here in order to attack me (in a non-obvious way of course!). What people will never know is that, despite any hidden skeletons in your closet (no one will be able to check if you are a murderer right?) is that you assure yourself that people "ain*t ever gonna meet" YOU anyway (your words, not mine), this is the internet, for crying out loud! So what the heck, you can actually CLAIM you love your friends more than money all you want. On the net, there are genuine friends and there are fakes, so who can check? We need to hone our instincts so they can be correct.

So there is a woman who values and could marry a certain male Best Friend who tells her that he is going to be King of the World in a few years (You lost me for a second there...does King of the World mean a billionaire? Oh yeah...TO YOU that is what my journal entry meant!) and here you are, suddenly claiming genuine friendship, to the effect of saying, "Me, I value people more than material things!! Sure!"...implying that...WHAT?...that THAT IS YOU?...AND HOW ABOUT OTHERS...ARE NOT ALL TRUE FRIENDS THAT WAY?...Oh I get it!! There are some who ARE gold-diggers! What an insight!]

[I will not laugh, I will just let events move of themselves. Who knows, YOU MIGHT BE TOTALLY RIGHT - THEY AIN*T EVER GONNA MEET YOU IN PERSON! Good for you! Life goes on.

Unfortunately again for me, you are still very interested in attacking me...although you do not want to be too obvious. Yes. They could hate you that way, if you were so obvious. Just the pleasant way then...]

I do not believe it is the business of anyone if a young man wants to achieve the heights of success in his chosen field...My best friend is only in his thirties afterall...and we promised each other that should we still be single at a certain date, then we were meant to marry...

Does that Best Friends* Promise ring a bell with anyone? No, I am NOT imitating that movie, that movie is imitating me, it is based on me.

Clue: Since an ex of mine was a famous Hollywood actor, and I have friends in that industry, FYI, Mr. Stalker..."My Best Friend*s Wedding" starring Julia Roberts is dedicated to me, and like I said, is based on ME...as are several movies based on my life (I am a scriptwriter too you know...so I have friends there!)! it is like DN where your friends dedicate wallpapers...in Hollywood, my scriptwriter friends have also dedicated movies in my honour. OK? Clear to you now, Mr. Stalker? I know you read my Journal. YOU TOLD ME SO YOURSELF THAT YOU DO READ MY JOURNAL!

So let us not inject the accusations of loving money too much, in fact more than a future spouse, into my life of pure love. Stop that Gold-digger Trash Talk!

You told me you know you are going to Heaven because Jesus was with you, a miracle...Well, if you continue to be a bad person, Jesus will withdraw His invitation..."Many are called but few are chosen," as the Bible says.

YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I did not mock you when your so-called female best friend up and left you without a trace, who knows, she may have been insane and it probably was not your fault, I TOLD MYSELF BACK THEN. Little did I know that you were destroying her reputation by your "poor little me with a laugh" brushing-it-off-with-humor technique...so that others would pity you because the ladies were insane, right? It was always the ladies, never the men that did you wrong!

If you are as harmless as you want your friends to believe, then you can stop spreading rumors and lies about me THROUGH INNUENDOS AND IMPLICATIONS, SO YOUR ATTACKS WOULD BE NON-OBVIOUS TO ANYONE HERE ON DN; and please have your own life which is not based on besmirching the reputation of others especially WOMEN (your special objects of destruction).

In connection with the above paragraph, I pity your remaining women friends here on DN who trust you. They will end up like your female best friend who got so scared of you she just had to leave. They will be like her if they get too close to you or trust you too much. They will be like me. A victim of an expert "jolly" destroyer like you.
But what is this thing, really?! People do not understand...My male Best Friend and I are just friends that never had sex...he can date and have sex with anyone he wants...and I, a former nun who just avoids these sexy things (it IS hard I tell you)...am also free to speculate about possibilities...and like my former secret crush said..."try new things"...

Someone asked, "And you actually believe that smooth-talker, your male best friend, when he says he will be King of the World?!?" (and he*ll marry you 10 years after that??)

Hold on for the answer...I have to eat Chinese noodles first.

Okay, I*m back. (The apostrophes do not work in this journal so I have to use the asterisk/flower/star as an apostrophe substitute)

So my answer to that question would be: My male Best Friend is NOT a professional boxer, but I think it was Muhammad Ali who said, "I am King of the World!!" I think it is something like that.

What - Muhammad Ali did NOT say that? Well it was somebody else then, though anyone could have said that...infact, many guys have said that, come to think of it...it is such a common saying...

So do I believe my male Best Friend? Hmmm...Yes I do...I mean he never lied to me...

But what if I fall in love with someone else before that happens?

We have an agreement: He has to approve of the guy first.

But he will let me be happy...whatever my heart wants (I do the same for him!)...He thinks it is his duty to warn me about guys though.

So far, he has approved of all my crushes EXCEPT that guy "Superman" from the radio station...boy was my male Best Friend so disapproving of "the deejay"! (Why? Because "the deejay" was playing mind games with me! He was toying with my adoring heart...I think that is a good description of what happened.) As my male Best Friend said,"What a jerk!!" He said he would rather see me get back together with my gorgeous Hollywood actor ex-boyfriend (who misses me and still reads my blogs...he always did in the past) than see me with "the deejay"...

EDIT: My crush reacted to this section in this manner: He asked, "Why do you still call him gorgeous? So what if he still reads your blogs? Why are you getting sentimental about his reading of your blogs in the past? You still want him, I can tell...He misses you anyway, so I guess there is no stopping you and him getting back together...You try to hide it, but I can see...that to you, HE is your knight in shining armor...No wonder you do not like me anymore..."

Some people are put off by jealous guys...To me "it depends" on the situation and the man himself...There are guys who accuse a woman of dire sexual crimes when she so much as smiles at someone...that is in the violent, wife-beater range...

When I posted this, I had no idea he cared! He even said, "Yeah sure...Go to where your heart leads you...It is obvious that you will be happy with him..." and he was so glum.

Finally, he said, "You should not have given me hope, you know...only to take it all back..." and he was pouting.

So there. I decided, "It is ON AGAIN, you sexy gorgeous guy!!!"


Honestly, though there are marriage proposals left and right, and I just have to pick the best guy, really...I am still waiting for my REAL-LIFE Superman to emerge from the shadows...or gardens...(not modern buildings please) (modern buildings are beautiful but so unromantic!)

I still have all those marriage proposals that have all been seen being given to The Internet Queen since 2003! (No, I do not wish to make the women green with envy - they are all beautiful and deserve adoration too - so the thing to say to the GUYS, to put them off a bit, is: "You have no idea who just proposed to me this week!")

There is an exciting future ahead of me...love and adventure if I will be brave (not yet though!)...it will be full of happy surprises I think! :)

[NOTE: He also reacted badly to this last sentence. He said, "Yeah, *blank* told me your future is gonna be bright indeed...he is an actor!!"

Like I said, he did not act like he wanted me to chase him during those glum times of his (I do not like chasing men)...so it is ON AGAIN!!]
Once your crush knows that you like him, and it is his decision to to sort of let you chase him (in other words the sparks are not enough between the two of you) (or maybe he is just enjoying a hard-to-get stance in order to do something different) (whatever)...then POOF!...It is over.
EDIT: After I posted this, he (what I call) "tailspinned" into tragic-like thoughts and interpretations of things and glum depression, as if I should have never written that it was over. He is so cute. So now it is "on again", he is my official sexy guy crush on DN...Of course, on the post that was all about my crush, some of you have seen that I crazily called him my "boyfriend" which is NOT official, but in my heart, yes, he can be anything there that I want him to be.

One more thing:

The reason I have crushes...

This is the reason all I have is crushes...you go through the rush of a very exciting man, without the pitfalls, without the jealousy ("Well, he never said he loved me anyway so why should I care?"), without that scary feeling after you have given your all...maybe I am imagining too much...


There is a portion I removed from this post and that is the stuff about my male best friend. Other information on my male best friend may be gleaned from the post entitled "The REAL Superman" and additional info on my friend is written there as well.

By the way, I removed stuff about my male best friend here because he read it and was grinning from ear-to-ear as if my writing about it meant something different...like...I was planning to wed him anyway.

Okay, maybe my male best friend is starting to fall in love with me for real...(???)

So the jokes on the kidnapping might actually take place...he might be that determined...

Anyway, I placed an update here because I sort of have a boyfriend now and I will place another update in case the love story goes sour or wrong.

Right now (up until forever), my basis for falling in love is NOT worldly riches (I have so many suitors who are very rich indeed) but my own secret criteria of manliness and other romantic qualities I look for in a man...because that would guarantee endless days of fun and excitement with the one I love. OK? OK!

"Aye, the Earth IS FLAT!!!" - R. P. Glass (me)

["Yay, we got her!!!" is what my detractors would say about me, but I DID THE MATH]

Specifically, ACCORDING TO MY CALCULATIONS, and the calculations of those before me, as mentioned in another journal entry,

The Earth does not move - it does not spin nor revolve around the Sun

The Earth is the unmoving CENTER of the Universe and it is the Sun that moves around (rising and setting)

the Earth is a FLAT CIRCLE, like a DISC...it is NOT a ball/sphere/globe (shocking?) (do the math!)

The North Pole is actually Center Ice...and Antartica is actually NOT "South Pole" but Rim Ice...

and there is NO South Pole...

Point of FACT: Antartica is sooo heavily guarded by the UN (military forces from various member-nations) that you cannot get near it...What is going on?...Do they not want you to find the truth out?...If you ask the Queen of England for permission to explore Antartica, you would get a written permission to explore the North Pole...Antartica is just off-limits, dude!!

In 2014, someone (an Englishman) actually got permission to "explore" Antartica after several years of getting a "No" from the office of the Queen of England...when he got there (finally!) (past all those armed military ships!), he was not allowed to go past a certain point (a few feet)...He was not allowed to explore it after all! LoL

Antartica surrounds the flat Earth - You cannot fall off

I have a journal entry on this: "FOR THE i-Phone: Apple Maps - Flat Earth Edition"

[Catalogued Profile Quote]
Typing conventions:*Asterisks/stars/flowers for the apostrophe/it (the apostrophe) sometimes does not work/...OR...I will not be using contractions to avoid the apostrophe altogether

I am weird.

Maybe I am VERY weird: .....NOT TO MYSELF,

BUT TO ALL WHO WENT TO SCHOOL AND WATCHED television AND BELIEVED what was taught in those two media (school and television)

...that the Earth was and is a sphere or ball-shaped, which by the way, is a LIE.

To what extent, like how weird...really? Well, you have never met the likes of strange little me I suppose. I do math and have a genius IQ Level. What is so weird about THAT? Lots of people are like that.

Well, I use it all that seriously too...and according to my calculations (in addition to the calculations of some others...guys, actually...THEY are BRILLIANT, really...hey, where are the math calculations of the girls??) I have concluded that the Earth is not spinning nor moving and it is flat. Yes, according to my math calculations, the Earth is flat and stationary. It is a secret of the UN. That makes the UN even weirder than me. Have you seen the UN FLAG? THAT IS the TRUE map of the flat-circle Earth.

Even (Steve-Jobs-Apple) Apple Maps SUPPORT mathematical flat-circle-earthers like me; they have the "Apple Maps, Flat Earth edition"! So the ball-earthers are screaming, "Damn you, Apple Maps!!"

(To religious people who dislike math, the Bible says it is a flat circle; it DID NOT SAY IT WAS a sphere or A BALL or a globe. It is the SUN that MOVES around, rising and setting, but REALLY, orbitting above Earth in at least 2 to 4 orbits to create the seasons. In addition to that, the stars move about in a circular dome pattern above the Earth - now THAT is why when you get your telescope, you can see the stars of the Zodiac circling above the Earth, because THAT IS THE TRUTH! The Earth is at the CENTER of all the action. Human beings are THAT special.)

(There are no aliens from space, despite Area 51 gossip...just plain and simple gossip)

That is how weird I am. If it were not for the math and my seeing the entire Earth from a special jet plane (I ALSO saw our entire beautiful flat-circle Earth when Felix Baumgartner parachutted to Earth from 90,000 miles up) (He had a Go-Pro video camera that could function in high altitudes) (I mean that was before someone suddenly changed all the videos and pictures of the event so that the others would not at all see our breathtaking flat circle Earth in broad daylight!!) (No cause for worry...I have enough of other pictures plus facts to shame the UN and the governments for their lies) (I mean why this hassle and deception of the masses?? What is up?)(From the jet plane which was a special Air France jet, the supersonic Concorde, I saw the circle at night...still beautiful) (notice also that in this last part, I am not even mentioning the Bible as a FOURTH convincing factor, so that atheists could relate and talk about the math instead of God/but I believe in God of course),...IF IT WERE NOT FOR THOSE THREE THINGS 1. the math calculations pertaining to a flat circle Earth which is NOT moving in the center of the Universe (just like they taught us the sun was at, only it REALLY is THE EARTH that is not moving!) 2. the fact that I saw the flat Earth from a supersonic jet at night and 3. the fact that I watched the descent of Felix Baumgartner to Earth and in the process saw for myself the breathtaking beauty of the flat circle Earth surrounded by Antartica (represented by olive leaves around the flat
Earth map of the UN Flag) (the same UN flat circle Earth map appears in Apple Maps/Flat Earth for the i-Phone), I WOULD HAVE CONTINUED TO BELIEVE WHAT WE WERE TAUGHT TO BELIEVE AT SCHOOL. Too many questions after that, right?

(Adapted from the saying. "Life is what you make it")

*Asterisk for the apostrophe, because it (apostrophe) isn*t working sometimes/or no contractions to avoid the apostrophe!

Our chosen quote (from my Catalogued DN Profile Entries - Favorite Quote):

"Love is not what you make it" which means that no matter how much you pretend that you are okay as a couple, the truth can be seen by other people anyway...so why pretend?............................................................People are asking if I am anti-Love...Am I against Love? If it is true love, meaning REAL love, I am not against it. I am only against pretend-love or fake love. That*s it.
This happened many, many times before.

Three hours ago, another case was observed (by me) again.

I plus-oned and favorited Alexandra66*s Spring Beauty and Talislanta*s Bled Dry and they showed...and later disappeared from my favorites! Strange!

So I favorited them again!

I am glad there are still wallpapers we could actually upload that have no duplicate as yet...According to DesktopNexus, there are millions of public domain pictures out there and they are right!
I uploaded my first wallpaper and it feels great! I hope to make my own designs later on!

NOTE: The image below, Thinking Of You, was NOT my first upload obviously. I just placed it here because I like it and I am...uhm...thinking of him...because he is so sexy...

oops!...some people viewed this as I was revising it...I am done for! LoL

(I thought that if one revised a very old entry it would be hidden...LoL...the rules here are different from my old page and journal at Bolt{that website is now defunct}!)


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