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CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   7/21/19 at 1:40am

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon? Did you watch it as it happened on television like I did? Share your memories in the comments on this wallpaper. :D

Have a great evening!

Elaine :)

PS. If you are too young to remember the moon landing, congratulations... you are probably in a lot better shape than I am... :P :D

JAVAJODIPosted by JAVAJODI   7/4/19 at 10:44pm
CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   6/26/19 at 5:07am

Hello everyone,

I've been behind in all things DN, especially visiting around. I've been dealing with everything from a very painful tooth to taking a short 3 day vacation. Unfortunately, I had to take the painful tooth with me! :P Finally, towards the middle of the 2nd day, the tooth began to calm down as the antibiotics I was taking started to work. When my husband and I drove home on the third day, we felt refreshed and rejuvenated. Sooner or later, I'll be uploading some vacation photos. We stayed in Michigan and went to Mackinaw Island and then to the Soo Locks in the Upper Peninsula.

Something funny happened to me just before we came home. We were eating at an old fashioned diner. After we had hamburgers, we decided to order soft serve Sundaes for dessert. (I was all for anything soft & easy to eat.) When the waitress brought them out, her hand hit my tall glass of ice cubes and water. Ice and water cascaded into my lap and onto the floor. The poor waitress was very dismayed... but I just burst out laughing. I told her not to worry; she had picked the right person to spill ice water on. I had an extra set of clothing in our suitcase. After John and I ate our desserts, he went out and got me a denim skirt and a green tee shirt. I changed out of my soaked clothing in the bathroom, and then we started our drive home.

I took loads of photos while we were on vacation, but all of the walls here are ones I tried to upload before we left. I simply ran out of time. (2 emergency dental appointments just before we left didn't help!)

Anyway, I hope you like these. The "church geese" and the wallpaper with the moon in it were all photographed at my church. The other three photos are ones I took near my home.

Have a great week, everybody. May you experience lots of blue sky and sunshine! :D

Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   4/20/19 at 1:38am

Greetings! :D

I've been playing with colors...

...keeping my eye out for color loving rabbits...

and being thankful for what Easter is all about.

Have a beautiful & meaningful holiday! And don't eat too many chocolate marshmallow eggs! :D

Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   4/1/19 at 1:11am

Hi Ed,

I did some unexpected & unusual cloud watching the other day. I've got some striped wallpapers to prove it! :D

Have you ever seen cloud formations like these? If you have, I'd love to know about it. They're sure new to me...

Happy cloud watching... and have a wonderful week!

Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   3/17/19 at 7:10pm

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   3/15/19 at 11:43pm
PS. Read this for a different perspective on semis... :P :D

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   3/15/19 at 11:41pm
Welcome back, truck boy.... :D

blueangels1015Posted by blueangels1015   12/10/17 at 4:53pm
Nice to meet you and have a wonderful day/night Hugs Judy

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   7/31/17 at 11:56pm

Hi Everyone,

It's been a busy, but happy Summer for me-- which is the reason that I may not have been around to visit you for awhile. Well... mostly happy. Car problems that were not cheap kept me from seeing my 5 month old granddaughter for a couple of weeks, but at least the car is finally working again. :)

My job has been keeping me busy also. We are engraving a lot of Stainless Steel mugs right now. We have one type where each shrink wrapped mug must be unwrapped by hand before it is engraved. It's time consuming, and my hands are getting a little sore... but hey... it's a living! I can listen to any kind of music that I want to while I unwrap them too.:D

I try to upload at least 5 wallpapers a month. I uploaded one wall on July 4th. I tried to get more up here during the month, but things kept coming up. Finally, today, July 31st, I rushed these 5 wallpapers up here. I got them uploaded with less than 3 hours to spare; August 1st starts on Desktop Nexus at 8pm my time. (Michigan, USA) It feels great to have beaten the clock! :D I hope to get many more walls uploaded during the month of August, because I have a backlog now...stay tuned! lol

As you can see, I've got 3 Cows Group walls up in this bunch; and 2 of them are especially silly...:P :D If you aren't a member of the Cows Group yet, you should check it out. There is such an incredible variety of cow wallpapers in it scenic, unusual, cute, humorous, etc... I think this group has become one of the most interesting (and fun!) ones on Desktop Nexus! :D

I hope that you are having a great Summer also, or a great Winter, depending on where you live!

Elaine :)

PS. PUPPYDAWG/ROGER news is that there isn't that much right now. He is doing better, but has an annoying, chronic cough. I do think he could use your prayers. He wants to come back to Desktop Nexus, but he needs a new computer to do so. He has enough money, but he isn't very mobile. Hopefully, one of his relatives will be able to help him out with that soon. Believe me, he misses everybody!

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   4/16/17 at 1:35am

From the beauty of Spring and the fun of Easter Bunnies & all of the trimmings...

to the amazing & glorious meaning of this holiday;

I hope that you will all

Elaine :)

PS. Wonderful News! Puppydawg/ Roger told me that he will be getting out of the hospital tomorrow! Which will be Easter Sunday. :D

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   3/18/17 at 10:30pm
Hi... I'm coming by with some

--- H A P P Y --- BUT --- B E L A T E D ---

Yep... I'm late to the party all right. :P I had to work some extra hours, got tangled up in a traffic jam, and some other stuff, but I wore green and managed to have fun in spite of it all.

I hope you had a great holiday! :D

Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   3/4/17 at 5:12pm

KaPoof! I have turned into a Grandma!:D :D :D

Anna Susan, born 3:17am 7 pounds 4.6 oz...I haven't seen her yet... But I've heard her, and she has a very healthy set of lungs!!! :D :D :D

(Thanks to Luna for the use of this wallpaper!:D :D :D)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   2/28/17 at 1:45am
Hi to all of my friends & fans! I hope you are doing well and enjoying life on DN as well as in your own homes.:D

In January the weather in my area was on the frigidy-cold side. In other words, normal.:) I wanted something on my wallpaper screen that looked a lot warmer than I was feeling-- so I created the 3 wallpapers below. But I didn't get to upload them when I planned to.

Now that February is almost over, the weather has been well... weird. We've had everything here from extremely cold days, to days so mild I've almost been fooled into thinking Spring has come.

I know better though. I live in Michigan, the Great Lakes State of Unpredictable Weather. I'm convinced I'll find plenty of good use for these warm hued wallpapers before the Winter really ends.

Perhaps you will also! Hot Cocoa & marshmallows anybody?

Stay warm!:D

Elaine :)

PS. If you live south of the equator, I guess you'd better stay cool! But if you're a member of DN, you are always cool, in my book! :D

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   2/14/17 at 12:02am
Guess what tomorrow is? Here's a clue:

What do you mean the zebra gave it away? Well... I guess you're right... lol :P :D

Have a great one! :)

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   2/10/17 at 9:13pm

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   1/27/17 at 9:07pm

To my friends & everyone else on Desktop Nexus,

I am the bearer of some sad news.

Betsey Butler, a member of Desktop Nexus since September of 2008, passed away on November 20th, 2016. I did not find this out until last Sunday, January 22nd.

Even if you did not know Betsey, please read on. I have something to say that you may never have thought of before; something that could help you and many others.

Most, if not all of us, have made some good friends on Desktop Nexus. Some of those friends may mean so much to you that you've even exchanged email addresses with them and have become pen pals, (or perhaps I should say email pals.)

Betsey and I were email pals. We wrote back & forth on a regular basis. Often it was just short notes. We had days where we wrote each other as much as 10 times. Sometimes 3 or 4 days would go by before we wrote again, but we always kept in touch.

On October 24, 2016, I wrote Betsey that I was about to go to Canada for the first time in 25 years, and that I'd let her know all about it when I got back. She wrote back;

"Have a great day!"

That was the last time that I ever heard from her.

I kept writing her, and got more and more concerned when I didn't get any replies. Betsey had dealt with some health problems, i.e. she had what she called a "small stroke" and had to go live in an assisted living center for awhile, but then she got her own apartment again. I began to wonder if she'd had another stroke and was back in assisted living with no computer access or something. It never occurred to me that she might have passed away.

I finally found out that she had from another one of her friends who was just as shocked as I was about it. My friend read it on her Facebook timeline. No details were given.

Whoever may still be reading this;

Please, if at all possible give a trusted friend or family member access to your Desktop Nexus account; your Face book account; your email account. You matter. People care for you. People will notice when you are missing.

Please have someone lined up to notify people, just in case you leave this earth. None of us knows the day or the hour when that might happen... If you pass on, people will wonder and eventually worry about what happened to you.

One Desktop Nexus member who did think to do that was Sparky/Kate Hatheway. Her sisters were able to access her Desktop Nexus account and let everybody know. That was such a wonderful to do...


I wrote to Betsey for 14 weeks without hearing from her. It hurts to realize now that I was writing to someone who would never read what I had to say.

I have been in mourning since last Sunday when I found out. That is why I've been wearing this wallpaper of Betsey's on my profile for the past week. (By the time you read this, I'll be wearing one of the one's I made for Betsey.I wish I could wear more than one wallpaper at a time!)

I put aside some abstract wallpapers I was going to upload last Sunday. Instead I have spent this week creating two wallpapers in memory of Betsey Butler.

This one is my mourning wallpaper...

I was only going to make the one wallpaper, but I decided that another one was needed. To the best of my knowledge, Betsey was a Christian and had Jesus in her heart. She is now in a better place...so I created this happier wallpaper in her memory also.

Please choose either of my two wallpapers and put your thoughts and memories of Betsey in the comments. I would love to read them and possibly learn some things about her that I didn't know before. :)

One more thing. Betsey fanned 387 members here. I've fanned only 159. If she has fanned anybody that I have not, and they are still active friends of yours, please let them know about Betsey too.

Thank you for reading this...and God Bless...all of you! This sad experience has made me realize just how special you are...

With much love,

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   12/31/16 at 11:59pm

Father Time & I are dropping by to see you & say goodbye to

Let's say hello to 2017 instead! :D

Yahooooooo! It's a brand new year! Be sure to party and celebrate it to the max! :D

Best warm wishes for you in the New Year. I'm looking forward to more Collies, more Cows, more Wonderful Wallpapers, more Smiles, more Kindness, and more FUN on DN with you! :D :D :D

Love & Hugs,

Elaine :)

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   12/23/16 at 11:12pm
CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   12/23/16 at 11:09pm
Hi..... I just want to stop by and leave you some Joy:

A little (wallpaper) present:

A blessing;

And to wish you a wonderful, meaningful, Christmas! :D

Thank you so much for being a part of my life this year at Desktop Nexus... my favoritest place ever! :) :) :)

Love & Hugs,

Elaine :)

PS. And last but not least, your very own decorated cow! :D

Well... I thought he was a cow.... :P oh well...:D

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Elaine's "solution" to my "fat" profile...which looks normal to me....
There once was a silly young moose,

Who wanted to fly like a goose.

He decided to try,

Got ready to Fly,

And was truly a moose ...
3/3/14 at 6:53pm
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Yupper .....
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