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Full Name:Vicki Lynn
Birthday:December , 1960
Education:Associate of Arts Degree
Last Login:2/24/23
Join Date:7/22/15
Profile Views:7,439
Personal Information
About Me:I am a writer, musician, computer geek grandma. Young in heart, young in mind and a love for God & nature.
Interests:Way to many to mention in this little space, so I will simply say: I LOVE to create things.
Favorite Music:Everything!!!
Favorite Books:Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Anne McCaffrey, Tad Williams, Piers Anthony, Agatha Christie, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Lisa Scotoline, Stuart Woods, Tami Hoag, John Grisham, Anne Perry ... and MANY MORE
Favorite Movies:Avatar, Edward Scissor Hands, Cry Baby, Hero (animated), Pirates of the Caribbean, Dragonheart, Meteor Garden, Boys over Flowers, Legend (with young Tom Cruise), ALL of the Indiana Jones movies... & many more.
Favorite TV Shows:Flash, Agents of Shield, NCIS Spinoffs, CSI, Madam Secretary, Blue Bloods, Merlin, The 100, Fuller House, Andy Griffith, Home Improvement, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, The Greenhouse Academy .. & many, many more
Favorite Quotes:"Lending a shoulder to cry on is more comforting than telling someone not to cry."

"Ships don't sink because of the water around them: Ships sink becuse of the water that gets in them. Don't let what's happening around you get inside and weigh you down."
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CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   4/4/21 at 8:10am
:) :) :)
CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   12/31/20 at 10:08pm
Yoo hoo... Vicki...

I am SO SO GLAD that this year is ending, and that it's time to wish you a

I hope it will be a good year for you-- and much better than last year!

May you find all things fresh and new, and have much to look forward to! :D

Happy Hugs,

Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   10/31/20 at 4:54am

Hello everybody... It's me, coming up for some air! :P :D In all honesty, my life has been nuts lately!

I had been spending a lot of time in the woods, getting all sorts of nature photos-- it is so peaceful, and I need peace these days! (Don't we all? lol) That came to an abrupt halt on October 6th. I've been dealing with a toe, a tooth, and a squirrel ever since. Well actually, the squirrel problem is resolved now, but it was CRAZY while it lasted. I hope you'll read about it all in my journal-- you'll probably get some smiles out of it. :)


I am still trying to get my life back to a semblance of normal. Nursing my toe along has really slowed me down.

I hope that you are doing well and that your life is more serene than mine has been lately. Take care, find something to smile about ever day, and stay safe!


Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   9/1/20 at 2:14am

Hello everyone!

If you think that it's been a long time since I visited your profile, you are absolutely right. I haven't been doing much visiting�here since the end of March. One thing that I have been doing, however, is logging into DN a�couple of times a day so that people here wouldn't worry about me.�

My state of Michigan went into lockdown on March 15th. Because I am in a high risk category, (heart attack last December among other things) I take lockdown very seriously. My husband started doing all of the grocery shopping. I stopped going to any stores. I either worked (part time because business is down) or stayed at home. It didn't take long for me to start feeling stir crazy.�

Then I rediscovered an old love of mine. Nature.�I started going to a nature center near my house with my camera in tow. The center itself was closed, but the trails were not. I walked those trails, sat on benches, listened, observed, and started taking photos. I've taken several thousand photos since March, and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. I've photographed trees, trails, birds, deer, wildflowers, squirrels, insects, and more.

I've been to at least 6 Nature Centers now. The wallpapers I uploaded today (even the blue Chevy wallpaper!) are from 3 different ones that I've been to recently.�

I feel so much calmer and happier than I used to. Trail walking or even just sitting outdoors and listening is wonderful medicine. Give it a try and you won't be sorry!

I hope to start getting more active here again. I have ideas for 2 nature groups that I haven't yet seen on DN. I actually meant to start those 2 groups a month ago though, and it didn't happen.:P� If and when I finally do, I will let you know. :)

Thank you for not giving up on me. There've been many days when I've desperately needed to walk the trails and let the computer go. With the way that things are happening in our troubled world, I'll likely continue to need the trails very much. I'll try not to be as much of a stranger though. You might be surprised at how much I think of many of you as I walk!

May God bless you all and keep you safe.


Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   4/19/20 at 8:02pm

Hi Vicki,

Springtime greetings from the lower Peninsula of Michigan! :P :D

Believe it or not, I took the photograph above 2 days ago, on April 17th. I guess it goes along with the rest of our upside down world that we would get a couple inches of snow on an April Spring day. Actually, some parts of Michigan got 6 inches of it!

Below are three more pictures that I took that day. Thank goodness the snow has melted-- at least where I live! :P

I know that the snow blew through more states than just Michigan, and it probably went through parts of Canada also. If you experienced any of this unseasonable weather, I'd love to hear about it! :D


Elaine :)

PS. I hope to start getting more active on DN soon. I was in shock for quite awhile about the pandemic that we are all experiencing, but I think I'm finally adjusting to everything.

Thank you to all of you who have left comments on my wallpapers... that is SO appreciated! I hope to start leaving comments on yours again soon too. We need to uplift and support each other during these disturbing and difficult times. In my opinion, there is no better way to do that than to leave a comment on a wallpaper! :) :) :)

PPS. Here is a caution/warning to everyone who uploads wallpapers to DN... If you are in the habit of putting descriptions on your wallpapers, BE CAREFUL! Save your descriptions in a document so that you don't lose them.

When I uploaded my 4 wallpapers today, I edited them to add a group or two that I had forgotten. I added my groups, but when I hit "Save" my entire wallpaper description vanished! Thank goodness, I had written my descriptions in memos separate from DN. I was able to paste them back in... whew! I have now begun a document of every one of my descriptions. I also plan to paste and copy my descriptions on to a memo pad before I do any Group adding or editing on any wallpaper from now on.

This may be a new bug or it may only happen from time to time. All I know is, I'm not going to take any chances with this, and I'm sure that none of you will want to either. Please pass this info along to any uploader you know whom it could help. :) :) :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   4/12/20 at 7:12pm
Have a special, blessed Easter! I hope you are doing okay. Send me a PM if you need to talk to somebody... our entire world has been crazy lately! :P :D

Giant Hugs,

Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   3/31/20 at 3:35am

Greetings to everybody! :)

Although I've been logging in to DN everyday, I haven't been very active. Case in point... I haven't uploaded any wallpapers this month... until today, and it's the very last day of the month!

I have to admit that part of it is I've been watching all of the Coronavirus/Covid 19 TV news. (That's about all the news there is, these days!) I've watched in horrified fascination as the numbers of sick people go higher and higher. At least the TV news does one good thing, it leads me to pray, again & again & again for nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel. Also for all of the people who have fallen ill from this hateful virus...

In Michigan we are under "Stay at Home" orders. I think every state in the USA should be doing that-- I feel sorry for people in places that do not have these orders. One of my sisters who lives in another state told me she wishes so much that their governor would give Stay at Home orders too, so everyone will be safer.

At this point, I want to apologize to everyone who belongs to my Cows, Sheep, and Balloon Groups. Normally, I favorite and comment on all of the wallpapers in those 3 groups. I just haven't had it in me to do that lately. :( I may not be getting back to that very much until the pandemic is more under control and less worrisome.

If you have uploaded wallpapers to any of those 3 groups that you would really like me to see and comment on, post them directly on my profile, and I'll try to do better. For that matter, if any of you have ANY walls you think I would appreciate, post those on my profile page too. Frankly, I could use some beautiful walls right now, to keep my mind off of the latest Covid-19 woes.

The 3 wallpapers that I've just uploaded are below. The first wall especially, was inspired by the Covid-19 situation. I hope it will make you smile. We can all use something to laugh at these days...

Whatever you do, take care of yourselves and your loved ones! I hope we DNers can all get through this pandemic safely!

Giant Hugs,

Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   12/31/19 at 7:09pm
Hi Vicki,

I'm driving by...

to wish you a

If you are like me, you have some great memories of 2019 but also things you would just as soon put far behind you. For now, let's leave the old behind and celebrate the new!:D


Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   12/25/19 at 10:16am
Hello everyone,

It is so good to be able to write a greeting to all of you! :)

I had a major life changing event this month. Many of you know that on December 9th I had a massive heart attack. I am so glad to be alive and able to tell you that. :D

I will never be the same again. I am not talking about what I went through or the 2 stents in my heart. I am talking about mentally. You can't go through something like this without rethinking your priorities and what is most important to you in life...

I won't tell you about every priority that I've set for myself, but there are a couple that you will want to know. One is that I am more committed to Desktop Nexus than ever. I still love and care about this website, in spite of the spam and neglect. You, my friends, make this website a joy to be on. I will do what I can to battle spam and stay in touch with all of you. :)

I can probably explain the most important priority in my life by talking about my December wallpapers. They are in this post in the exact order that I uploaded them. imo these wallpapers are an accurate description of my life so far this month.

"Christmas Ribbon Dance" is a simple light hearted Abstract I completed about 3 days before I went through the heart attack. (I also had a funny one to go along with it, of a somewhat psychedelic poinsettia. I never finished that one. I'll probably upload it next Christmas.)

I created "A Stained Glass Christmas" in the spirit of, "Oh gosh! I'm barely going to have any Christmas wallpapers to upload this month! I've got to get busy creating something!" :P Well, I starting having so much fun manipulating my stained glass window photo that I forgot to worry about the number of wallpapers that I might or might not upload. It felt so good to take my time and simply create something intricrate and pretty! :)

"A Wonderful Gift" has two hearts in it's design. (At first glance they may not be easy to see.) In the description of this wallpaper I've written about some of the things I went through during my heart attack. I did not go through it alone! God was with me all the way through... :)

The last wallpaper in my post, "O Holy Night" is the reason that I didn't get to upload these wallpapers until Christmas Day. (As I write these words, it is 3am where I live, and yes, it is indeed Christmas!:D) The other 3 wallpapers were ready to go up a couple of days ago. But I felt like something was missing... and after some soul searching I realized that I wanted to create a wall that told a story... the Christmas story. I hope you like it! Of all of these wallpapers, this is the one that I'd love for you to take a close look at, in part because I put so much work into it. I think I spent at least 16 hours on it!:) (I had that kind of time on my hands because my cardiologist didn't want me to go back to work or drive for a couple of weeks.)

Thank you so much for being my friends. Thank you for the care and the concern and the get well wishes that you all PMed me with and/or posted on my profile page. That meant so much to me...

Have a beautiful, wonderful, and blessed Christmas, everyone. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, have a beautiful, wonderful week ahead!

God bless us, everyone!


Elaine :)

PS. There is one Desktop Nexus member who is no longer with us. Blueangels1015/Judy went home to be with Jesus on Thursday, December 19th. Grandma Gingerbread/Joyce let me know this just today through a PM. (For anyone who doesn't know, Grandma Gingerbread/Joyce is Judy's sister.)

Joyce is extremely busy right now with funeral arrangements and many other things that must be taken care of when someone passes away. She told me that she would be on DN sporadically for awhile because of that. Here is a link to her profile page in case you would like to send her a sympathy card. (I can only imagine how rough it must be to lose a loved one at this time of year.) :(


CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   11/30/19 at 11:45pm
Hi Vicki,

Happy (slightly belated) Thanksgiving! I hope you had a good one! :D

Elaine :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   11/18/19 at 2:28am
Hi Everyone,

Many of you have probably noticed that I haven't been very active on here for the past month. I have been dealing with a lot, including the death of a relative, and my mother who's in her 90's was ill for awhile. :(

My life has calmed down now, thank goodness. I'll hopefully be able to get back to commenting on your wallpapers and thanking you for your thoughtful comments on mine. Profile Greetings & Wallpaper Comments make Desktop Nexus go 'round--- and I've hated not being a part of that!

One thing that I have done in spite of being busy, was carry my camera around. Luckily, it doesn't take long to shoot pictures, and I have been--- of the crazy weather we've been having lately! If you are from the USA or Canada, you probably know exactly what kind of weather I'm talking about. Weird on and off stuff! For example...

A beautiful Fall day on November 3rd...

Then 3 days later, it looks like Winter!

Just 1 day later, it's back to being Fall again...

But 6 days later, it's acting like late December!

No I am NOT making this up... actually, a lot of you know that for yourselves, I am sure. Here's a link to my latest journal entry. It has these photos in it and more, along with the exact dates I took them. (At one point I said to my husband, "Do you know why I'm taking so many photos right now? It's because I want PROOF that this CRAZY weather is actually HAPPENING!)


I hope you enjoy my journal... I think you'll identify with it. Even if you haven't experienced any of this loony tunes weather recently, we all have been amazed or stupified by the weather at some time or another... :P

Hang in there, everybody. May you be warm if your weather is cold, and cool if your weather is warm! :D


Elaine :)
emma999Posted by emma999   10/25/19 at 4:55am
Whatever weather you are experiencing right now, make the most of it. Every moment is precious, just like you.:) It will never be duplicated. Hugs, my friend!:)

Chris Rea - - The Truth / Florence Streets / Sapphire

Chris Rea ~ Looking For The Summer (1991)
CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   10/24/19 at 12:55am

Hi Vicki,

I've been longing to get outside & get Autumn on camera. During the past few days, I finally got my chance. It's been a feast for my eyes! There are so many wonderfully colored trees in my area right now! :D

I hope the trees are this beautiful in your neck of the woods! (Or that when your part of the world experiences Autumn, you'll have great colors to see also!)

Have a beautiful rest of the week!

Elaine :)

emma999Posted by emma999   9/18/19 at 9:01am

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   9/16/19 at 2:19am
Here it is. The Humbug Sign is the one that made me wonder if you upload your own photos. :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   9/16/19 at 2:15am
Vicki, Thank you for the refan! :D

I saw one of your walls (I'll post it in a minute) that leads me to believe that you upload some of (or all of...?) your own photographs. You might be interested in joining this group. It is moderated but checked very often. :)

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   9/16/19 at 2:10am
Hi Vicki,

I needed some silliness in my life today, and thought that you might like some too. Have a great week! :D

Elaine :)

Moon Over a Bump

A Bump on the Moooon...

Crazy Cloth

emma999Posted by emma999   9/12/19 at 10:04am

CollieSmilePosted by CollieSmile   8/31/19 at 12:48am

Greetings to all of my friends on Desktop Nexus! :D

I've spent a lot of my life chasing rainbows. I finally caught a good double bow in July --- several times --- with my camera. :P Can you use a rainbow in your life? Search for them after a rainstorm; if there is one it will be directly opposite the sun. In the meantime, here are 5 you can choose from. :)

Besides chasing rainbows, I've been busy with work & watching my 2 young granddaughters grow. It's been an interesting, happy summer for me. I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it to end. (I bet that any of you from Australia or other places in the Southern Hemisphere are ready to trade off seasons though. lol)

I never realized that the seasons are opposites in the northern and southern parts of the world until I joined Desktop Nexus. I think that GreenFroggy/Di from Australia was the first person to enlighten me. (I got curious when she was busy uploading Spring wallpapers in the Fall, I think.) That seasonal fact still fascinates me!:D

For those of you in the USA and Canada who celebrate Labor Day this Monday, I hope you have a great one! As for everyone else on DN, I hear that many of you celebrate Labour Day on May 1st. Don't worry... your turn is coming!

In any case, have a great weekend!:D

Elaine :)

emma999Posted by emma999   7/12/19 at 4:15am
Thanks for joining us in Repetitive Patterns! I deeply appreciate it!:):)


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Thank You Emma for visiting me and being a fan. I really appreciate it. Even tho I have been a member of DN for a few years, I have never really done anything but save up all of my photos and wallpapers that I have created. I am finally getting the chance to display some of them and it really makes my day to see that others enjoy them.
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Thank you so much CollieSmile .. Yes, all of the images that I upload are my own or those taken by members of my family. The ones that are NOT photographs, are images (wallpapers / backgrounds) that I have manipulated into collages by using many of the free stock images that are found on the internet, plus some of my own that I have made and then adding some little tweaks and trims. Thank You for being a fan.
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Title: African Tulip Blossom
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