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Journal for CollieSmileJournal for CollieSmile

November 17, 2015

Thinking of you...and you...and you...and all of you!

Some of you are probably wondering why I haven\'t been in touch lately. Others of you know that I was in a car accident on Saturday, October 24th. A man stopped for a blinking yellow light instead of going through it cautiously, like he should have done. I hit him, my air bags deployed, and my van got totaled. My right leg didn\'t come out of it very well either.

I have had to spend a lot of time keeping my right leg elevated to prevent swelling, so I haven\'t been able to be on line very much.

I got many bruises in amazing colors. Most of those bruises are very faint now. A bad scrape on my right leg got infected also, although it\'s much improved.

What I didn\'t know until about a week ago, is that my right foot got fractured-- in 2 places. I knew that it hurt but I didn\'t know why. 2 sets of Xrays indicated a lisfranc injury of the middle of my foot. But it took a cat scan to finally show that my foot was fractured as well. They are going to put metal plates in my foot and who knows what else...

I\'m going in for surgery tomorrow morning (Wednesday Nov 18th) and I\'ll be staying in the hospital overnight. Although I have to deal with a needle phobia, and overall anxiety, I\'m pretty much resigned to all of it now. A lot of people (including many of you!) have been praying for me to get through this. It has helped a lot!

Thank you all for being my fans & friends. I really love Desktop Nexus, it is my happy place, and I appreciate you all!

CollieSmile/Elaine : )

PS. I\'ll try to stay in touch. Puppydawg/Roger will be up on what\'s going on with me. I think. I have to check with him on that! :)

UPDATE: December 23, 2015: Well, my "Overnight" Surgery, turned out to be a Hospital Stay of 3 weeks!!! But I\'m back home now, and doing well, although I\'ll be wheelchair bound for awhile. Later today I\'ll be writing a new Journal Post about this. :)

Hi John,

I didn\'t see your answer to my Robin Journal entry until yesterday. I\'ll be so glad when they get the email notifier thing working again! I\'ve been checking my Profile and my PMs every day, but I never thought to check my journal for an answer. I went to my journal to copy and paste the robin story into a letter I was writing... and that\'s when I saw your response.

I\'m glad you got it at a good time, and that it cheered you up. :) I had a lot of fun writing it. I never knew that nonfiction could be so much fun to write! lol

Hope you are having a good day. Drop me a line anytime.

Elaine :)
Friday, July 17, 2015

I hope that you enjoy this true story, as much as I did photographing and writing it! :D

One day a robin flew into my neighborhood. He was looking for a good place to settle down and raise a family.

He landed on top of my garage.

In front of him, across the yard, he saw a brick house covered with ivy. He talked with his wife, and they decided to stay. They built a nest in the ivy, right under my kitchen window.

Soon after they finished the nest, they spotted a problem. The problem was my collie dog Katie, who came out often to play in the backyard.

Each time she went out, the robins were greatly troubled. In their opinion, Katie was way too near their nest. (Actually, Katie didn’t even know where their nest was, but I couldn’t explain that to the robins.)

The female robin spent her time hiding in the ivy and sitting on the eggs. The male robin spent his time trying everything he could do to get Katie to go away. So he swooped at her again and again...

from the next door neighbors house…

From the top of the garage…

From the backyard fence…

...and many other places as well.

None of this made sense to Katie. All she knew was that some crazy bird had started dive bombing her every time she went outside. Furthermore, he never stopped until she went back into the house!

But no matter how hard he tried to chase her away, Katie would always appear again sooner or later. This baffled him. Why didn\'t the troublesome dog give up and leave? He was very puzzled. He wondered if he was having any effect on her at all.

Actually, he was having quite an effect on Katie. She didn\'t appreciate getting pestered by him all the time. She got into the habit of looking over her shoulder a lot to see if he was coming.

Not only that, she even started having bad dreams about robin attacks.

Eventually, however, the robins started to calm down a little. Every time Katie came out, she would explore the entire back yard. She never paid any attention to the hidden robin nest.

So the male robin didn’t chase her as much as he had before. He still kept a close eye on her though.

At last the eggs hatched. The robin parents were very busy feeding their hungry babies. One of their eggs didn’t hatch, but one of the two remaining babies grew so big and had such an enormous appetite, that the robins felt like they were feeding 3 babies!

Finally, one Saturday, I saw the two babies fly! They landed on the garage roof.

They never went back to their nest. Instead, the babies flew into a neighbor’s yard. They decided to stay there. So the Robins didn’t have to worry about Katie anymore.

As for Katie, it was her turn to be puzzled. Why wasn’t she being chased and pecked at anymore? The first times that she went out after the robins left the yard, she would look carefully up and around, expecting to get attacked. It didn’t happen.

As time went on, Katie realized that the robins had left. So as things got back to normal, she started looking around...

...for other opportunities to have fun. She liked squirrels better than robins, because this time she was the one who got to do the chasing!

When Katie goes out now, she gets attentive whenever she hears a robin. I have a feeling that she might miss them, at least a little. I know I do.

June 24, 2015

I\'m just trying this out to see if Journals are working normally.

CollieSmile :)

PS. Yep, they are. :)


Hi Everybody!

I know I\'ve been MIA for awhile. The reason: I\'ve been too COLD to be active on line!

Here is a quote/explanation from the description of my most recent wallpaper, "HEAT WAVE". (If you\'ve already read the description, skip this.)

"As many of you know, my computer is in a poorly insulated room in our house. With the cold temperatures in full swing, I’ve been trying to go on Desktop Nexus in a room that’s usually been 55 degrees or colder. One miraculous Saturday in February, the temperature climbed to 27 degrees. When I put warm clothing on, I was actually comfortable in the room! That’s the day that I got inspired to start this wallpaper. It took me awhile to finish it because it got frigid again. I could only stand to be in that room for 15 to 20 minutes once or twice a day."

So anyway, I\'ve been directly affected by the frigid temperatures that a huge part of this continent has been experiencing. Some of you are probably wondering why in the world I don\'t get my computer Out of that room. I wish I could. The problem is that we don\'t have any room for it anywhere else!

My husband and I are trying to make room, but it is slow going. We are dealing with:

1. Two married children who live in modestly sized apartments. They both plan to purchase houses eventually... but in the meantime, three rooms in our house are filled with their things.

2. We lost a lot of basement storage space (and a lot of belongings also) in a flood last summer.
A lot of the things that we were able to save from the flood, are now on our main floor taking up precious space. We are extremely hesitant to store anything in our basement anymore.

3. I admit it... the third main problem is ME. There is a certain paragraph on my profile in which I mention my cluttered closet and that I\'m looking for DN volunteers to help me clean it... Well, ummm... I almost wasn\'t kidding. Actually, I have a lot more than one cluttered area in my home...

I am a pack rat. Actually, I\'m a pack rat who is struggling to reform. But it isn\'t easy to change overnight, especially when you have years of clutter looking you in the eye. My compassionate husband and I have been sorting through & pitching a lot of it. Our goal is to make space for my computer in a much warmer room, and to put a door on the "freezer room." (When we finally manage to do that, our heat bills will probably plummet!)

Eventually these problems will be solved of course. The weird thing is that we really didn\'t know that we had serious storage problems... until the weather got crazy this year. The 100 year flood in August. The extremely harsh Winter weather. If it weren\'t for these weather events, we\'d have a lot more storage space, and a room that I could keep my computer in more easily.

So now you know exactly why I have been scarce lately. Possibly, I am the only Desktop Nexus member who can honestly say, "Why haven\'t I been around much? I blame it on the weather!

CollieSmile :)

PS. Okay, okay, so it isn\'t all the WEATHER\'s fault that I\'m dealing with clutter problems!:P :D

PPS. Unless by some miracle, we find a place to put my computer somewhere sooner, I\'ll probably be on DN only sporadically until some real Spring weather comes in. I miss all of you... and I\'m happy that today it is actually 28 degrees! For that reason, I have been able to finally get around to everybody\'s profiles! :) :) :)


December 23, 2014

This is basically a repeat/reprint of a journal entry that I made in 2012. I\'ve just deleted the 2012 Entry, but this one is revised, and should be easier to follow. :)

Several DN members have asked me how to post a wallpaper image on another person\'s profile. A friendly member told me how to do this shortly after I joined DN. I don\'t think I even asked him to... he just told me how. So now I\'m passing this information on. :D If you already know how to do it, feel free to refer other people to this journal entry. :)

Once you get the hang of this, it will be as easy as riding a bicycle. You might want to practice posting pictures on your own profile first, until you are sure you have the hang of it.

Have fun! :D


In my opinion, posting a wallpaper picture is like magic! :D What you do is:

1. Click on the wallpaper to go to it\'s Description/Comment page.

2. Find the "Share this Wallpaper!" box on the right. Below the "Tweet" and "Pin it" options, you will see three kinds of codes listed, like this:

Forum Code:
Direct URL:

There will be a long skinny box beside each word.

3. Choose the FORUM Code-- the one in the middle that I underlined. Put your mouse over the blue rimmed Forum Code box, Right click on it, and choose the Copy option.

4. Paste the code onto the person\'s profile. It will be a fairly long string of characters, similar to the string below. (I could not copy the code exactly, or it would have turned into a wallpaper picture when I hit "Enter.")

}URL=http://abstract.ROOFtopnexus.com/w a l l p a p e r/1701402/]}IMG{http://cache.ROOFtopnexus.com/FINGERnails/1701402-bigFINGERnail.jpg[/IMG][

5. When you are done writing your message to go along with it, hit the Post comment button. When the little thingie is done whirling around, Abracadabra---the Forum Code turns into a wall paper picture! Wow!!!! :D :D :D

(I have been told that I am easily wowed by stuff..:P but that makes life much more fun, IMO:))

When you get the hang of this, feel free to let me know by pasting a message with a picture on my profile. It would be neat for me to see how many people are helped by this Journal entry. :)

Welcome to the fun of image posting... & Merry Christmas! :D

CollieSmile/Elaine :)

Dec 2014

This journal entry is identical to the wallpaper description in this wallpaper. So you can either read what I have to say in the wallpaper or here. :)

To my dear Desktop Nexus friends,

This wallpaper is for all of you...but I think you will especially appreciate it if you have had a rough, difficult year.

My original wallpaper design simply said, "Have a Merry Christmas." But a song started going through my head, and I couldn\'t get it out... so I changed my design to the title of that song.

At the bottom of this wallpaper description is a link to Judy Garland singing it. While I was researching the song and hunting for the link, I read an article that said this song brought tears to people\'s eyes when they watched it in the 1943 movie. They also said that many people consider it one of the saddest Christmas songs of all time...

Honestly, that was NOT my plan! I wanted this wallpaper to make you all HAPPY, not Sad!

But I can\'t change that now... Don\'t have time to make another wallpaper, this one is it!

As many of you know, I\'ve had some majorlosses this year. Some of my wallpapers commemorate some of them...including extensive flood damage to my house and area in August, and the passing away of my Dad back in September.

Was it a coincidence that I was drawn to a Christmas song like this one? Probably not.

So many of you sent me notes and sympathy cards. Part of the reason I love this website so much is that people really care up here. We may go through sad times, but we are all in this together!

Have yourselves, a wonderful, meaningful, Christmas. Remember with me, that hard and painful times do pass. If we didn\'t go through the rough times, we would not realize just how good and joyful the better times are.

With Love & appreciation,

CollieSmile :)

PS. Here is the link to the song, along with the lyrics. Warning-- Tears are a possible side effect of this link.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
Next year all our troubles will be out of sight
Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Make the yule tide gay
Next year all our troubles will be miles away
Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore
Faithful friends who were dear to us
Will be near to us once more
Someday soon, we all will be together
If the fates allow
Until then, we\'ll have to muddle through somehow
So have yourself a merry little Christmas now.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It\'s Hard for me to believe that I haven\'t done a Journal Entry since May. I think I need to get back into the habit again. :)

I\'ve mentioned my family\'s business before, but I haven\'t gone into much detail about it.

Normally, my job involves bookkeeping, clerical work, and running parts when I am needed. We are a laser engraving service. We engrave everything from Baby Spoons, to Steak Knives, Automotive & Motorcycle parts, machinery labels, and even doll house furniture. We\'ll engrave just about anything, as long as it is made of wood or metal!:D

I started working for it part time in May of 2013, just over a year after I joined Desktop Nexus. I was putting in 20 hours a week, and gradually went to 25, which I was quite happy with. But just recently, I\'ve had to increase to 35-40 hours. The reason: my friend and coworker "Fred" had to go into the hospital, and is still there. He\'s dealing with liver & stomach problems. (That\'s surprising to us, because he doesn\'t drink and has a very healthy lifestyle. Cancer has been ruled out, thank goodness.)

The business currently has 3 employees, my daughter, myself, and "Fred." Since Fred just went from Full time work to "No time at work", my daughter and I have had to pick up the slack. We\'ve been running lots of parts, and fighting to keep our regular work caught up. And wondering how in the world he got all of the things done that he did!

I\'m glad that I can step up and help out as much as I have. But I have a lot less free time now, and I miss it. Desktop Nexus has taken a direct hit, much to my sorrow.

I just want you all to know that I think about you a lot. I wish I had more time to leave comments on your profiles, comment on your wonderful wallpapers, and remember birthdays the way that I used to be able to do. I am logging into DN almost every day, but I can only hang around in bits and snatches, for now. Part of the reason for that: I\'ve had to develop some new habits... like being in bed by 10 PM, so that I can get up earlier each day. A 10PM or earlier bedtime is a real challenge for this night owl! :P

My daughter is starting to train some of her friends to engrave parts. I hope that will gradually free me up for more time on DN. A lot depends on when "Fred" is able to come back though-- or if he is able to come back at all. He is a delightful gentle soul, and a hard worker as well. We\'d miss him terribly if he had to retire.

He\'s in his late 60\'s, and these health problems have been taking a toll on him. We are praying and hoping for the best.

So I have been unexpectedly very busy...

I am planning to visit your profiles with Thanksgiving Greetings. But just in case I don\'t get to, I will wish you a Happy Thanksgiving now. I am so thankful for all of you.:) I\'m glad I that I\'ve finally had a chance to let you know what is going on with me--four days later than I had hoped. But Yahoooooo! I\'m finally doing it right now! :D :D :D

Bless You All!

CollieSmile/Elaine :)

PS. I forgot to mention that it has been ridiculously cold in Michigan... and I know that\'s true for many of you who live in the United States or Canada. Try to stay warm!!! Here is one of my older wallpapers to help you out. :)

Happiness is a Warm Blanket & a Teddy Bear



My two year anniversary on Desktop Nexus came almost exactly a month ago. (April 24, 2012) I forgot to celebrate it. I was busy... :( ....but the thing that counts is that in spite of busyness in my life, I am still here! :D :D :D

Many times, I wish that I had as much time for Desktop Nexus as I used to have. When I first got started on this website, I used to get around at least once a week to each and every fan/friend that I had. It was such a pleasure. And I had time to comment on some of everybody\'s wallpapers.

You have probably heard the saying that Love makes the World go Around... I firmly believe that wallpaper comments make the Desktop Nexus World go \'round. Someday I\'d like to make a wallpaper with that saying on it. :)

Well, some things happened. I got more and more fans, which was great, except that I wasn\'t able to get around to everbody\'s profiles as often. But other things came into my life too. My parents started needing my help more. My brother was very ill for awhile, and is still not in very good health. I found myself getting much more involved with family matters than I used to be. One of the latest things going on is that my husband got a hip replacement 3 weeks ago. He is doing extremely well with it, I\'m glad to say, but that really had my time tied up for awhile! I didn\'t know whether I was coming or going, and I considering renting a room at the hospital. lol

Part of the family matters I have been busy with involved going to work for the family business. At first it was only 20 hours a week, but now it is 25. I love my job, but it, as well as all the other things I\'ve mentioned here have pulled me away from DN.

Desktop Nexus means a lot to me. I am not on Facebook or any other social websites. DN is my social website! I love being part of a group of people that appreciates beauty, imagination, and cares for one another!

I am thankful for the time on DN that I do have. A lot of you have more time to be on DN than I do because of illness or health challenges of some kind. Many of you are probably wishing that you didn\'t have as much time to spend on it---because you would rather have the option of getting out of your homes more. I wish you could. But at least you are here, doing your part to make Desktop Nexus the wonderful website that it is.

I want to thank all of you for being here. Whether you have posted beautiful images on my profile, or interesting musical links, kind words, pretty wallpapers, funny jokes, or commented on my wallpapers, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

I just wish I had the time to answer every one of them...

I have to admit that it\'s been hard for me. When I get into something, I tend to dive in, lock, stock, and barrel. Having to back away just doesn\'t seem right.

If nothing else, I guess that I\'ve made it clear... DN has really gotten under my skin. I count it and all of you as a very special blessing in my life. Thanks for helping to make it the wonderfully rewarding place that it is.

CollieSmile/Elaine :)

PS. For those of you who celebrate Memorial Day, whether it is today, or on another day in your country, have a good, thoughtful one. :)

Crystal\'s Comments

Crystal\'s Comments


It has been nearly 4 months since I\'ve done a journal entry...

So much has been going on in my life! My parents are in their late 80\'s now, and I\'ve been helping them out more and more. I\'m working about 25 hours a week now. I love my job, my only regret is not nearly as much time for Desktop Nexus.

In two weeks, my husband is going to be undergoing a total hip replacement! He\'s been holding out for at least 8 years, but it can\'t be put on hold any longer. Some of you on DN know him as "Woody" :D I uploaded this photo of him a year ago last January:

You can see why he might need a hip replaced, can\'t you? :P

On top of that, my son is getting married in July! About a week ago two wedding themed Abstracts found their way into my uploaded wallpapers... I named one Bridal Bouquet, and the other one Wedding Cake Abstract.

With this wedding and my husband\'s hip replacement coming up so quickly, I will probably have to battle even harder to find DN time... but that doesn\'t mean that I won\'t be trying! DN is one of my Happy Places. :) I\'ve made many great friends here. :)

If you don\'t "see me around" as often as you\'d like to, give me a holler by PM. I\'ll do my best to answer any that I get.

Happy Springtime...

And once again, Have a Happy Easter! :D

CollieSmile :)

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