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Full Name:Roland Fourre Male
Birthday:April 24th, 1962
Last Login:7/22/14
Join Date:12/29/11
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LieslPosted by Liesl   7/23/14 at 2:10am
Today, the 23rd of July, is a day of mourning in my country, The Netherlands, for the 298 killed in the crash on the 17th of July. 193 of whom were Dutch...
Innocent men, women and children on their way to their homes, jobs, holiday destinations, loved ones…
The plane crashed in a rebel-held area in the Ukraine, after apparently being hit by a rocket...
The first bodies recovered from the Malaysia Airlines plane are, finally, to be flown to the Netherlands this afternoon for identification.
The operation to find the remaining bodies and secure crucial evidence continues….
PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   7/20/14 at 3:03am
Roland, have you ever seen a car-crusher-at-work?

SkyPhoenixX1Posted by SkyPhoenixX1   7/18/14 at 2:05pm

The summer heat has arrived in Germany, the first palms are growing here,lol.

So let's go swimming...,

...have some cold cocktails...

...and eat some yummy ice cream, all day. 8)

Have a funny and sunny weekend!!! :)


PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   7/15/14 at 3:16am

A Polish man moved to the USA and married an American girl.

Although his English was far from perfect, they got along very well until one day he rushed into a lawyer’s office and asked him if he could arrange a divorce for him.

The lawyer said that getting a divorce could depend on the circumstances, and asked him the following questions:

"Have you any grounds?"
"Yes, an acre and half and nice little home."

"No, I meant what is the foundation of this case?"
"It’s made of concrete."

“I don’t think you understand. Does either of you have a real grudge?"
“No, we have carport, and not need one."

"I mean, what are your relations like?"
"All my relations still in Poland."

“Is there any infidelity in your marriage?"
“We have hi-fidelity stereo and good DVD player."

“Does your wife beat you up?"
“No, I'm always up before her."

“Is your wife a nagger?"
“No, she white."

“Why do you want this divorce?"
“She going to kill me."

“What makes you think that?"
“I got proof..."

"What kind of proof?"
"She going to poison me.
She buy a bottle at drugstore and put on shelf in bathroom.
I can read, and it say: 'Polish Remover.' "

Have a great Tuesday, Roland!
PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   7/14/14 at 6:27pm

One day, while a blonde was out driving her car, she ran into a truck.

The truck’s driver made her pull over into a parking lot and get out of the car.

He took a piece of chalk and drew a circle on the pavement. He told her to stand in the middle and not leave the circle.

Furious, he went over to her car and slashed the tires.

The blonde started laughing.

This made the man angrier so he smashed her windshield.

This time the blonde laughed even harder.

Livid, the man broke all her windows and keyed her car.

The blonde is now laughing hysterically, so the truck driver asks her what’s so funny?

The blonde giggles and replies, "When you weren’t looking, I phoned the Police, they said they were watching you, and... I stepped out of the circle 3 times!"
PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   7/13/14 at 12:26am

Driving to work, a man had to swerve to avoid a box that fell out of a truck in front of him. Seconds later, a policeman pulled him over for reckless driving. Fortunately, another officer had seen the carton in the road. The policemen stopped traffic and recovered the box. It was found to contain large upholstery tacks.

"I’m sorry sir," the first trooper told the driver, "but I'm still going to have to write you a ticket."

Amazed, the driver asked for what?

The trooper replied, "Tacks evasion."

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   7/11/14 at 6:42am


A man bought a donkey from a preacher. The preacher told the man that this donkey had been trained in a very unique way, (being the donkey of a preacher).
The only way to make the donkey go, was to say, "Hallelujah!"

And the only way to make the donkey stop, was to say, "Amen!"

The man was pleased with his purchase and immediately got on the animal to try out the preacher’s instructions. "Hallelujah," said the man. The donkey began to trot. "Amen!" shouted the man. The donkey stopped immediately.

"This is great!" said the man. With a "Hallelujah," he rode off very proud of his new purchase.

The man traveled for a long time through some mountains. Soon he was heading toward a cliff. He could not remember the word to make the donkey stop.

"Stop," said the man.

"Halt!" he cried. The donkey just kept going.

"Oh, no… Bible!….Church!…Please Stop!!" begged the man.

The donkey began to trot faster. He was getting closer and closer to the cliff edge. Finally, in desperation, the man said a prayer.

"Please, dear Lord. Please make this donkey stop before I go off the end of this mountain, In Jesus name, AMEN."

The donkey came to an abrupt stop, just one step from the edge of the cliff.

Wiping his brow, the man whispered, "Hallelujah."

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   7/10/14 at 5:08am


PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   7/6/14 at 2:25am

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   7/4/14 at 6:53pm


PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   7/1/14 at 5:21pm
JULY 1ST, 2014


Man goes to a bar and demands a fifth of Wild Turkey Whiskey and a tall glass. Sitting at the bar, drinking one glass after another.

The barman asks, "What's your problem, son?"

The drinker answers, "My wife's pregnant."

The barman speaks to the patrons in the bar, "DRINKS ARE ON THE HOUSE - This round! Dave's wife is pregnant!"

Then Dave groans, drinks another drink.

"So why," asks the barman, "do you look so down-and-out?"

"Mother-in-law's pregnant, too!" he answered.

"ANOTHER FREE ROUND ON THE HOUSE!" shouts the barman.

"No," Dave interrupts. "It's my child, too...."

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   6/28/14 at 4:15am
Have you heard of a Pink Pearl Apple?
You have now!

Lana04861Posted by Lana04861   6/27/14 at 4:13pm
Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you
PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   6/20/14 at 11:11pm

The service station trade was slow
The owner sat around,
With sharpened knife and cedar stick
Piled shavings on the ground.

No modern facilities had they,
The log across the rill
Led to a shack, marked His and Hers
That sat against the hill.

"Where is the ladies restroom, sir?"
The owner leaning back,
Said not a word but whittled on,
And nodded toward the shack.

With quickened step she entered there
But only stayed a minute,
Until she screamed, just like a snake
Or spider might be in it.

With startled look and beet red face
She bounded through the door,
And headed quickly for the car
Just like three gals before.

She missed the foot log - jumped the stream
The owner gave a shout,
As her silk stockings, down at her knees
Caught on a sassafras sprout.

She tripped and fell - got up, and then
In obvious disgust,
Ran to the car, stepped on the gas,
And faded in the dust.

Of course we all desired to know
What made the gals all do
The things they did, and then we found
The whittling owner knew.

A speaking system he'd devised
To make the thing complete,
He tied a speaker on the wall
Beneath the toilet seat.

He'd wait until the gals got set
And then the devilish tike,
Would stop his whittling long enough,
To speak into the mike.

And as she sat, a voice below
Struck terror, fright and fear,
"Will you please use the other hole,
We're painting under here!"
SkyPhoenixX1Posted by SkyPhoenixX1   6/20/14 at 2:03pm

the summer is knocking at your door. So please, open the door and let the sunshine in.

I wish you a perfect start into the best season of the year, with alot of sunshine and warm days. 8)

*Greets from Germany*

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   6/18/14 at 8:23pm
This happened to an Englishman in France who was totally drunk.

The French policeman stops his car and (while standing on the left-side of the car) asks the gentleman if he has been drinking?
With great difficulty, the Englishman admits that he has been drinking all day. He manages to explain that his daughter got married in the morning to a French man, and that he drank champagne, and a few bottles of wine at the reception, and a quite a few glasses of single malt there after.

Quite upset, the policeman proceeds to Alco-test (breath test) him and asks the Englishman, if he knows under French Law, why he is going to be arrested?

The Englishman answers with humor: "No sir, I do not! But while we're asking questions, do you know that this is a British car and my wife is driving... on the other side of the car???"
PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   6/16/14 at 3:49am
PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   6/16/14 at 1:00am
This makes me feel glad to be sitting at home 80% of the time!
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