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Full Name:Francisco | ~Robotic
Birthday:January 18th
Last Login:Today
Join Date:10/16/09
Profile Views:106,194
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My Website:www.my.desktopnexus.com
About Me:Group Leader Lakes: http://www.desktopnexus.com/groups/lakes/
Interests:● The desktop wallpapers are high quality images. Modify your colors profoundly alters the original characteristics of these beautiful images. The tone should be maintained to meet the main goal of the wallpaper: leave the screen of the computer more pleasant. This concept is as important as respect for copyright.

● I appreciate nature and landscapes. Sunsets and sunrises, preferably. I am beside myself with an image of beautiful colors. None of this page is my uploads. All, however, originate from social sites of free wallpaper. Please advise if I duplicate any image on the site or download copyrighted material. I'll remove the upload immediately.
Favorite Quotes:● "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were: any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee" (John Donne);

● "Stay here a while and see how to make dreams" (Georges Melies, film pioneer and former director French);

● "Commenting should be a pastime, not an obligation. Gratitude is not a contract" (Relhom, DeviantART.com).
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PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   5 Hours Ago

The truck driver's doctor had said to avoid stress or it
may cause a heart-attack.

He had picked-up a pretty hitch-hiker and she'd been
in his truck only 20-minutes, when she fainted. He
rushed her to the hospital where a doctor told him that
she was pregnant and that he was the father. The truck driver insisted that he wasn't the father.

The doctor said, "She said you was the father of the baby!"

The driver demanded to have a DNA check to prove it.
After the test results came-in, the doctor said that it was true, he wasn't the father, because the driver was infertile, and was probably this way from birth.

On his way home the driver began to feel the stress building-up, because he was thinking of his beautiful wife and his 7 children...


PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   22 Hours Ago
Put "NAKED" in the search box & got this wallpaper...

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   Yesterday at 11:27pm

merih1Posted by merih1   Yesterday at 12:11pm
MonarchPosted by Monarch   Yesterday at 7:18am

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   Yesterday at 12:31am
Watch this in FULL SCREEN and hang-on! Sound is optional, but I liked the tunes...


PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   1/28/15 at 11:54pm

A wife comes home late at night, slowly, and quietly opens her bedroom door. She see's 4-legs in her bed, under the covers, instead of two. She quietly grabs her husband's cricket bat and begins to heat the couple until she's tired-out.

She walks into the kitchen to get herself a drink, and there she finds her husband sitting at the island looking at a magazine.

"Your parents came-up, and I'm letting them sleep in our room," he says without looking up. "Have you gone and said, 'Hello?' "

MonarchPosted by Monarch   1/28/15 at 7:10am

shenosto6Posted by shenosto6   1/27/15 at 8:22am

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   1/26/15 at 10:26pm

None of his classmates liked Sam, because of he was slow. His teacher thought he was stupid, and was always yelling at him, "You’re driving me insane, Sam!"

One day, Sam’s mother came to school to check on how he was doing. The teacher told his mom honestly, that her son was simply a disaster, getting very low marks, and never had she seen such a dumb boy in her entire teaching career.

The mother was shocked at the feedback and withdrew her son from school and moved out of Sydney, relocating to Newtonville.

25 years later, the same teacher was diagnosed with an incurable cardio disease. All the doctors strongly advised her to have heart surgery, which only one surgeon could perform.

Left with no other options, the teacher decided to have the operation, which was successful. When she opened her eyes after the surgery she saw a handsome doctor smiling down at her.

She wanted to thank him, but could not talk. Her face started to turn blue, she raised her hand, trying to tell him something, but eventually died.

The doctor was shocked and was trying to work out what went wrong, when he turned around and saw our friend Sam, working as a cleaner in the clinic, who had unplugged the oxygen equipment in order to connect his vacuum cleaner!

Oh, you didn't think Sam became a heart surgeon, did you?

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   1/26/15 at 12:27am

At a hotel restaurant, a man sitting alone, sees an attractive woman sitting alone at the next table.

Suddenly, she sneezes, and a glass eye comes flying out of her eye socket. It hurls by the man, and he snatches it from the air and hands it back to her.

"This is so embarrassing," the woman says, and she pops her eye back in place. "I'm so sorry to have disturbed you. Let me buy dinner to make it up to you. May I join you?" He nods.

The woman is a stimulating conversationalist, stunningly pretty, and the man finds they have a lot in common. He gets her phone number and says, "You are the most charming woman I've ever encountered. Are you this nice to every guy you meet?"

"No," she replies. "You just happened to catch my eye."

Have a fun week, Francisco!
shenosto6Posted by shenosto6   1/25/15 at 7:05am
Hello Francisco,
How have you been ? Have a good day. Take Care.
Have a great new week. Hugs Vivvy

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   1/25/15 at 12:03am
Have you heard this one?

A woman alone walks into a party, looking for a date, and see's a man standing by himself, near the corner of the room. She wanders over to him, extends her hand...

"Hello," she coos. "I'm Carmen."

"That's a pretty name," he says. "Is it a family name?"

"Oh, no," she answers. "It's a name I gave to myself; you see, I like cars and men & I came up with 'Carmen.' What's your name?"

"Uh... Beer'n'golf!"

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   1/20/15 at 2:21pm

His 7-year old son has lost his first upper incisor this week. The boy woke-up to find a dollar under his pillow.

His wife was disturbed, "A whole dollar? What happened to giving out quarters?"

Last night, he lost his second front incisor. Again, the son found a dollar under his pillow.

His wife says, "Don't you think that's too much money to be giving for a tooth?"

"I don't know," the husband answers, "they looked like buck-teeth to me."

shenosto6Posted by shenosto6   1/20/15 at 1:14pm
Hello Dear Francisco,
Have a beautiful new week and a Terrific/Tuesday/Evening.
Take Care. Love & Hugs Vivvy

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   1/19/15 at 9:55pm
MonarchPosted by Monarch   1/17/15 at 5:01pm
MonarchPosted by Monarch   1/17/15 at 7:38am

PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   1/15/15 at 1:25pm
PuppydawgPosted by Puppydawg   1/15/15 at 1:16am

Back in the olden days, life used to be swell, but when’s the last time anything was swell? Swell has gone the way of beehives, pageboys and the D.A.; of spats, knickers, fedoras, poodle skirts, saddle shoes and pedal pushers. Oh, my aching back. Kilroy was here, but he isn’t anymore.

Like Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle and Kurt Vonnegut’s Billy Pilgrim, we have become unstuck in time. We wake up from what surely has been just a short nap, and before we can say, “I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!” or “This is a fine kettle of beans!” we discover that the words we grew up with, the words that seemed omnipresent as oxygen, have vanished with scarcely a notice from our tongues and our pens and our keyboards.

Poof, poof, poof go the words of our youth, the words we’ve left behind. We blink, and they’re gone, evanesced from the landscape and word-scape of our perception, like Mickey Mouse wristwatches, hula hoops, skate keys, candy cigarettes, little wax bottles of colored sugar water and an organ grinder’s monkey.

Where have all those phrases gone? Long time passing. Where have all those phrases gone? Long time ago: Pshaw. The milkman did it. Think about the starving Armenians. Bigger than a bread box. Banned in Boston. The very idea! It’s your nickel. Don’t forget to pull the chain. Knee high to a grasshopper. Turn-of-the-century. Iron curtain.
Domino theory. Fail safe. Civil defense. Fiddle-sticks! Kid-didle-hopper! You look like the wreck of the Hesperus. Cooties. Going like sixty. I’ll see you in the funny papers. Don’t take any wooden nickels. Heavens to Murgatroyd! And awa-ay we go!

Oh, my stars and garters! It turns out there are more of these lost words and expressions than Carter had liver pills. This can be disturbing stuff, this winking out of the words of our youth, these words that lodge in our heart’s deep core. But just as one never steps into the same river twice, one cannot step into the same language twice. Even as one enters, words are swept downstream into the past, forever making a different river.

We of a certain age have been blessed to live in changeful times. For a child each new word is like a shiny toy, a toy that has no age. We at the other end of the chronological arc have the advantage of remembering there are words that once did not exist and there were words that once strutted their hour upon the earthly stage and now are heard no more, except in our collective memory. It’s one of the greatest advantages of aging.

We can have archaic and eat it, too!

Badda Bing, Badda Boom!

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