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Journal for blackcat_13Journal for blackcat_13

My day went well. :)
Scores in the Prelim Exams we’re just fine~, and promise I’ll do better next time ;D

Having going to school is a very fun, but it does have a downside. Me as a student I didn\'t care anymore what my clothes are.There is also the feeling that nobody at university particularly cares about you, or how you are doing. that\'s not true: our supervisor, or we can call it as "adviser" .That\'s can help you when your a first year level .

we student one of our problem is that we have almost no money.Some working student,just to pay their tuition fee and to finish study,but why is it some teachers can \'t understand us student.I strive hard with my academics but my teacher will always drag me down. hahaa :( thanks to god who always their with me and my parent who always understand me. having fail in your academics is hurt, when your striving hard not to be fail,, :( ..(i just fail and academic one academic subject Math again :(:(:( calculus pa naman ) haha,, that\'s ok i can still recover.. :):):),, im just kinda emotional this past few weeks..
my fellow students we can do it !!! fight fight!.

Perhaps the most important thing about being a student is that it is a time of your life when you can devote yourself pretty much entirely to something that really interests you. If you enjoy writing sonnets, an english course is a great place to be. And if you enjoy making computers do things, and finding out just what they can do, then a Computer Science degree makes a great deal of sense.


Men ! What is it about them? What do they want anyway? Whether single or married, can anyone figure it out? What are they looking for in a woman? Do they even know? of course they do! Do we take the time to ask them becomes the bigger question.
Ask men of all sizes,shapes,colors,ages and walks of life gets their attention.But more importantly what keeps their attention..^_^ hehe
We women over think this thing called ATTRACTION. We magnify the minuscule and overbore things that are major deal makers or breakers in theirs minds that's what men said when i ask them

hm Mm,,come to think of it this year 2012, new technology and new modern life.Is their a gentleman or a decent man left in our country? hm,, theirs but we sometime see it, its too late,, he he,, you know nah,,^_* making thing complicated.

just like anime girls so kawaii hehe,, and anime boys so bishounen

ha ha,, don't worry girls theirs someone out their destined to us by GOD

just want to say about our technology this present day


technology is ruining everything.In particular,its gotten rid of he unexpected call from out of the blue. You know what I'm talking about, right? You're in a horrible mood: the telephone rings.You don't know whether to pick it up. You're imagining it's that stupid Elizabeth person who always calls you because she is so bored at her job and wants you to entertain her, so you almost don't pick it up. But you do. And it's a stranger telling you something that totally changes your mood, your day,maybe your life.
My God,the total exciting transformation of the call from out of the blue There is so little magic in adult life. This was one of the few true magical things that could happen to you. But now with caller id and e-mails and texts, you know exactly who is trying to contact you and what he or she wants. And most tragically, questioning tone. Maybe this never happened to you. But there was always the chance that it could


other than call it E-LATIONSHIP

I'm going to do it this time; I'm breaking up with "e-lationship" those text/e-mail/instant messaging only relationships. The last guy i connected with online seemed promising. He sent me several lengthy e-mails and the asked my phone number. All good . Until the texting started.In short order,he cycled through infatuation,obsession,jealousy, and annoyance....without ever talking to me o the phone! Needless to say, not a match.com made in heaven

it make me sick when it comes to relationship
i just want to share what i read
its really true
its happening in everyone


we've changed the motto of the united states, "Huh?" you say.and you're right."Huh?' is the nations new rallying cry.Ladies say "Huh?" Gentleman say "Huh?" children say "huh?" to everything. You could tell my children that their Crocs are on fire and they'd say "huh?"
Once it would have been "pardon me" or "come again" or sorry, Daddy, I didn't hear what you said." Now it's the dull, uncouth, distracted "huh?"This is the result of the dull, uncouth distraction of modern life.People are constantly staring at something other than the person speaking to them- a laptop, Blackberry,video games,kindle,text message-wearing i Pod ear buds and talking on a cellphone pauses slack-jawed, says,"huh?" and then pauses while something is said again.He now says something waits for the corresponding "huh?" and repeats himself.
In 1956, congress changed the motto of united states to "In God We Trust" because nobody knew what the old motto meant anymore.America's original motto,appearing on the Great Seal of the United states since 1782,
was "e pluribus unum" ("one out of many") or,as we might say today, "epluribus huh?"


thanks Jesus, mama Mary and guardian angel because
I'm still here with my family alive and getting stronger
for always here for us no matter what
making me strong when I'm weak
always protecting and keeping safe my family and friends
for being their to fulfill my dreams

thanks for everything

I'm living in this world for 19 years (ha ha, but still don't have boyfriend)
anyway i feel like mesmerize my memories in high school
something change with me

i tell i my 18th birthday just a simple preparation in the family
but now feel like a special person (ha ha thanks for the gift brother) not really because someone gave me a gift
my dad and i became close now
it is because all of my family greet me,,in 19 years living in this world

college life let say complicated

"I'm nothing without god"

all in all I'm happy and satisfied with my life now.
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