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All Discussion Activity by Kal6217All Discussion Activity by Kal6217
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of Alexandra66:
Hi Alexandra!! Hope that you're doing well these days and that you've got beautiful weather out where you are!! I'm doing well here and writing my first book. The weather has been beautiful here and it's nice and sunny!! I'll catch up with you later when I'm not too busy.
21 Hours Ago
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of GREENFROGGY1:
Hi Dianna!! It's good 'ol me again David... I hope that you're doing well these days considering what's been going on in the world. A lot of people are all for cutting ties with them industry-wise aside from killing them as well. They're the enemies in the book Armageddon 2419 (Buck Rogers) and I've read that on my E-Reader and I'm on the second book "The Airlords of Han" I think that I've mentioned to you before how much I love reading and that I'm actually working on my first book, actually still working on my first book!! I hope that you and everyone else are all doing well these days and take care and take it easy... David
7/26/21 at 6:32pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of Kal6217:
Emma, yes with DVD delivery and the apartment number of 27 I'm on the second floor. if you were to look at the photo of my desk and everything it's a straight shot to the door all the way on the opposite side of where the desk, file cabinet, and printer stand is situated... no one has ever picked up any of my packages. As for the Post Office, I don't have a box for my packages to be shipped to!! That's something that'll be addressed before I move to where I'll be living. Later....
7/15/21 at 8:37pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of emma999:
Hi Emma!! Yep, that you did... you got my sweet Frankie mixed up with, with, with that, yeeeesshhh!! Although the morning as I was nearly finished up in the bathroom, no shirt on... there was a knock on the door, and there Frank stood, and politely (you could have knocked me over with a light tap of your finger) said that the Amazon driver dropped my package off at his apartment than mine and there was a great big gash in the bag that the DVD could have fallen out of but didn't Thank God!! And here I'm telling him about how these guys have often screwed up delivering what I've ordered by leaving what I ordered downstairs in the vestibule and sending an email that "your package has arrived". Here I'd called Amazon quite a long while back and told them to bring anything upstairs and these guys just aren't listening and not even reading the notices that they are to bring it to apartment 27 and leave it at the door... some of these drivers aren't firing on all thrusters if you know what I mean... when I was still living out in Albion when I ordered an item they'd place it out on the front porch as there's a big wraparound porch there and would receive the notice that I got my delivery to which it was on the front porch and not the side porch so I wound up having to call them and tell them that there's a side porch just come down the driveway and place it there!! Hooo boy...
7/12/21 at 5:34pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of emma999:
And wishing you a nice Friday Emma!! Yeah, firecrackers can be very loud and can be a frightening experience for pets as well. And if there's anyone close by a firecracker that's gone off they can have ringing in their ears aside from being frightened. The news came in yesterday when I was having lunch with one of the tenants here who I had taken out so he could do a little shopping aside from renewing his fishing license and spoke with Justin and there are lots of benefits included along with photos of places thanks to the Housing Navigator. There are Pet-friendly apartments to which he's been here at my apartment a couple of times before and has met Frankie and really likes him. And this place is just outside of Rochester NY which is good as there's probably not very friendly and possibly nasty people... placing all that aside I really need to move because I've had it up to here with one such person who's a jerk, actually worse than a jerk!! Back when Covid started this jerk and a couple of people who were behind him were waiting to get in so I tapped the inside button that opens the door and I backed up more than what they were calling for and he said "Hey Stupid" you're supposed to be (amount of feet way) and here he's called me that a few times and hasn't as of recently... So I told our manager a while back about this "person" being snide about a couple of things here and there.... that's not the way you treat people and it's possible that that person might not know what your temper is like and get clobbered if it came right down to that.... about a long while back my best bud Joe was over here and we were tossing some junk on the flatbed of his truck so he could toss that out... and he wasn't wearing his mask (it was just the both of us) and he asked me for my keys so that way he could get into the building and use the men's room and pulled down his mask... well, wouldn't you know that he encountered Frank and Frank told them why aren't you wearing your mask to which Joe came this close to hitting him square in the face!! He had been wearing his mask all day at work at the bowling alley because he knows how to fix anything that's electronic like the ball return and anything else and that moron had the nerve to say 'why aren't you wearing your mask' and he didn't even know that!!! And here Joe is exactly 6' tall to the jerk's height of 5'6" or 5'7" (guessing on that) catch you later... David
7/9/21 at 7:51pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of emma999:
Hi Emma!! It was an extremely great day today as I heard from my coordinator Justin!!! Everything's in place and he and I and the other fellows need to meet and go over everything and then there's the one fellow who runs the Housing Navigator and I'll be looking at pet-friendly apartments and then making my final decision on which place it's going to be!! Now as for you saying that you sincerely hoped that I would get a better location real soon and here it happened today. I got the call from Justin today and everything's in place so all we have to do now is meet and then for me to look at photos of apartments and make a decision after visiting the ones I picked out. So when you wished me a happy new week you must have included a little something extra in there that I would find a place real extra soon.... as for those firecrackers yes they can be a very loud and frightening experience for any pet that's in the house!! You certainly called it right when you had said that you sincerely hoped that I would get a better location soon!!! Taking care here... David
7/8/21 at 10:31pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of CollieSmile:
Hi Elaine!! It was good to see your message today and now I know why I hadn't heard from you and the rest of us. I can practically feel your pain, *you know what I mean* (hint, hint) so here you've been logging in every day to DN that being that's about as far as you get. I knew that something was wrong but with having some stuff of my own... it sounds like you've had quite a time with your back!! Good to hear that you're improving thanks to physical therapy and that way you can get to the gym at some point. So when it comes to being seated at the computer it aggravates your back. Do you happen to have a heating pad so that way you can have that against the back of the chair and also your back so that way it'll be easier for you?? That's good that you're using your tablet to get back to everyone... I'm waiting to hear back from my coordinator Justin and the other two fellows along with another fellow who runs a Housing Navigator program and hoping to see what they can find for me being that I plan on moving from where I live and being close to Rochester, New York. And my coordinator told me that I'll receive even more benefits as well. AND, I'd have my Art and Photography website back up and running and would probably have even more customers. Here's hoping that you're having a nice week so far and catch up with you sooner than later!! David
7/6/21 at 9:33pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of emma999:
Hi Emma!! It was a beautiful July 4th here and whoever my neighbors are alongside me, there's this row of very beautiful trees kept it up with firecrackers and whatever else and scared Frankie out of the bedroom and straight into the living room and is on top of the couch... sleeping right now!! Here's hoping that they stop real soon... not because it's getting close to bedtime but for every time when I think they've quit more firecrackers, go off!!! I wish that my coordinator Justin and the guys would hurry it up and have me moved away from here.... David
7/5/21 at 2:42am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of CollieSmile:
Hi Elaine!! Are you ready to enjoy some fireworks this weekend? Here's hoping that after a somewhat decent day today but yet had some rain here that it's not going to rain for the next two days so that way we can all enjoy some fireworks even if it's on TV. Hope that you and everyone else are all doing fine these days. David....
7/3/21 at 12:14am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of GREENFROGGY1:
Dianna here's hoping that you're having a nice night and a great weekend as well, and hope to catch up with you sometime next week if not this weekend... David
7/3/21 at 12:09am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of Alexandra66:
Hi Alexandra, good to see you and I hope you're doing fine this coming weekend!!! David
7/3/21 at 12:07am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of grandma_gingerbread:
Hi Joyce, I hope that you've been doing well these days!! I've been doing well these days and looking forward to something much better that's ahead of me my dear friend!! You're in my thoughts and wonder how you've been!! Take care and hope to catch up with you sometime soon!! Take care, David....
7/2/21 at 5:27am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of Angel_Heart:
Hi Katie!! Yep, that's my cat, Frankie... And because he croons his meows he was named after Frank Sinatra!!! David
6/30/21 at 2:13am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of Angel_Heart:
Hi Katie!! It's me again!!! I can't believe that it's been 4 years since the last time that I messaged with you and here you are... back to see how DN and everyone else are doing. Yeah!!! That's about right when you were saying about many changes have taken place and who's left... and possibly passed for all we know!! Here we had lost our dear member Puppydawg Roger Salsman and made friends with his cousin Marty who's a big-time artist who works for Marvel Comics and also DC Comics. Yes, some changes and I did come across some very familiar names and which was good to see, and hope that they'll still talk with me. I'm over on a site called Boomer Place for people who are in their late forties and 50's (To which I'll be come next year, May 17th. I'm getting some help right now through having a coordinator and a broker and Rep payee and assigned a person who works in housing in a program called Housing Navigator as the place that I'm living in has a snake, not a "snake" snake but a jerk by the name of Frank McKenna!! I had made a slight mistake whenever it was and he has been calling me stupid all this time and he's going to learn that you don't call someone who has a 120 IQ stupid!!! And discovered something about myself about two years back... I found out that aside from being Germanic, that I'm English Welsh, Dutch, Scottish Irish and have known that I'm Italian from my mom!! And I'm also empathic... Other than that I've been working on my first fantasy novel aside from a sci-fi novel as well... So if anything I'm trying to work on the fantasy novel as it's an updated version of a short story that I had written when I was taking a writing class in college and had gotten an A- on it and I figured now was the time to revisit that and change a few things around. Other than that I've got some things stored away in totes and have placed some other things into boxes or see-through totes as these are the most important things that are going to be reset up once I get moved into the place I'll be living in. I just wish I knew when they're going to be getting to me so that way I can pick out an apartment (pet-friendly, of course) and say when I'd be moving so once I'm moved in and everything's set up that I'll be on once I've notified whom I pay my bills, you know auto-pay!! And I happen to have a ladyfriend out in Dublin, Ireland though it's quite a long way from there to here. Thank you for those smiles that you sent and hope that everything that's supposed to be happening for me along with a couple of other things that had I kept going on with this would've made for several message boxes longer. Take care and catch you later... David
6/27/21 at 7:34pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of Angel_Heart:
Hi Katie!! It's David. Hope that you're doing well tonight and you're taking it easy!! I've got two people on here who haven't answered back and that's Collie Smile and Grandma_Gingerbread and I'm getting very worried. I wish that someone would get ahold of them and let them know that I'm doing well. I'll be moving at some point and probably lose track of some of my friends on here...Again!!! And this move will be final for me and my cat Frankie... And I hope that I will also find that right lady whom I've been looking for all of this time... Take care and see you soon, I hope!! David
6/27/21 at 4:45am
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