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Kal6217 has commented on the profile of emma999:
Hi Emma!! About my interest, it's new to you but with me, I've always loved writing and between the three or four stories that I wrote during the lower grades and into high school I always got an A or the one time an A-minus. Yes, there's nothing more satisfying than writing a book on whichever subject matter that you love the most. For me, it's been fantasy and also science fiction and maybe a little bit of what could happen in real life. The first time that I wrote of the hero whose name is currently Darak it was Andrak and it was either two or three pages long as a writing assignment for a college class and received an A on it. The teacher really loved my story and knew that I had it in me to be able to do this and aside from the fact that my mom was one for always writing poetry and being that she worked at Duffy Mott's, yes the applesauce people, that they put a little booklet with people's poetry or whatever their workers wrote, for mom she wrote during her break time, submitted what she'd written, and at that time that they used to have all the booklets available across all of the states and was well known for her poetry and here I wound up inheriting her talent in that but when it comes to my artwork that we don't know and that had to be someone on Dad's side of the family... who knows how far back that is!!! At least I can tell you this: My family was important... I'm the third person to have the name David and two others just happened to be governors of Pennsylvania!!! In fact, all the names were changed in the book, author James Michener wrote of my family (with different first names, that's us writers for you) and chronicled our history!! As for me being an Heyoka there are some signs, 7, but for me, it's 5 signs.. a) other normal people exhibit slow traits compared to me being incredibly fast - super incredibly fast math... emotionally unpredictable, doing some things backward that actually arrive at what they would for someone else... out of the box thinking... and most of all not looking our age. Now here's the thing, empaths have many powers, gifts, abilities and traits that make us very special in the cosmic scheme of things but there are ten empathic powers that you're really don't want to mess with 1) empaths can sense when you're troubled and you can't even put on a brave face for one so you might as well be honest whether you think it will worry them or not.. 2) you can't lie to an empath, we can sense that from a distance, so just call us "human lie detectors" and we hate confrontation - that drains us. We can and will see right through you, and next, 3. we know when you've strayed off of your path, 4. You can't fake trying to be nice to impress an empath and I know when someone is handing me a line of bull 5. We can feel negativity, jealousy and hatred coming from others and you won't be able to hide negativity from us because we'll sense it... 6. And we can spot being manipulated easily, 7. People who show drama, don't bother trying cuz we can see right through you 8. many empaths can't be surprised as we're often clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizance, this is the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing the how or why of it, my dad had that and told my grandma, mom's mother not to say anything and to keep care of Mom as he knew something was wrong and passed away in his sleep well before I turned 2 back in 1964. Which is claircognizance, to which I have and use in my fantasy novel of Darak and Mhark. Actually, the full title is Khonsu's Children: The Legend of Darak and Mhark. And we empaths can even sense prejudice and, get this we even know a great deal when we see one. We're talented in the arts, art, and photography. A Heyoka is also wise and sought after for advice. There's Vision, symbolism, unparalleled vision - sense of know he there's any form of danger (remember Spider-man's sense of danger tingling, yep, our favorite hero is a comic book heyoka empath, and then there's presence and know what's good and bad and if someone is trustworthy or not!! Psychic ability, a feeling or sensing something from a person who was literally miles away from their place, old friends, new friends or some they know. Think of Darth Vader when he said that he sensed someone from long ago... psychic ability, healing power... I healed myself of a third-degree burn that I had on my forearm to being near nothing years and years ago and there's Creativity, young Anakin Skywalker in creating droids, we're seers.. whether it's something pleasant or if it's danger, Spider-man once again... as for the two who passed one was a dear friend who had passed and for four days straight interrupted me and uncontrollably cried until I got ahold of myself but long before that said "Goodbye" to my mom as she "visited" me... So, there you have it... take care and catch you later!!! David
5/11/21 at 12:20am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of emma999:
Hi Emma!! Good to hear that you're doing well and you're welcome. Had I told you that I'm working on my very first book? If I have or haven't then here's the title of it: Khonsu's Children: The Legend of Darak and Mhark... now here's the thing about it when I had first written it its' original title was entitled "Andrak of Markainia" and he didn't have a brother. He was in search of adventure and for hire being a seasoned swordsman (a far cry from Conan the Barbarian - thank you, Robert E. Howard, for giving the world Conan the Barbarian) and a warrior for hire. Now here's the thing I was taking a writing class in college and the assignment was, well, to write a story, and needless to say that although it was either two or three pages long that my teacher loved it and I received a grade of A and I was very proud of myself!! And my mom, a gifted writer of poetry who composed poems when she worked at Duffy Motts, yes, Mott's, the apple sauce people, used to put out booklets with their employees' stories or poetry and from here on the eastern coast to the west she was recognized as a writer of poetry. As for myself, I've always been known first and foremost as an artist (you've seen my artwork on here) and also as a photographer - to which you've seen on my page!! Two of my lady friends over on Boomer, Trisha, such a sweet lady, has known me for quite some time being that she and I and one other member were on MySpace and caught up with one another lady, Janice, and "talk" regularly. And then of course there's my very sweet lady, Caroline, who's Irish to me being Scottish Irish and Italian, although the Scottish Irish, Celtic "Ulster" has taken over and found out well over a year or more ago that I'm an Heyoka Empath. And a whole new world has been opened up to me ever since then... Here I know things that I've never read about and using that to my advantage with my book and everyday life. So I'm busy to a point which is good... David
5/7/21 at 7:13pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of emma999:
Good to hear from you Emma!! Hope that you're doing well... David
5/4/21 at 2:53am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of emma999:
And hope that you had a good weekend Emma!! And that you are doing well these days!!! David
5/3/21 at 7:48am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of emma999:
And a good weekend to you Emma!! David
5/1/21 at 6:09pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of CollieSmile:
Hi Elaine!! It's been awhile since I messaged you and I hope that you've been well these past few days. Did you ever happen to see that last sentence I'd sent you? I had told you how Frankie does this long drawn out 'Oooh' at times and that he always gets a kiss for being such a good boy!! He had his 9th birthday this past April 10th and is as sweet and cuddly as ever!! I hope that you and yours are doing well these days since I messaged you!! Once you answer back I'll PM you... Hope that you have a nice and hopefully nice weekend... David
5/1/21 at 3:12am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of grandma_gingerbread:
Hi Joyce, it's me, David, you know, Kal6217. It's been quite a long while since I've heard from you and I hope that you and the girls are doing well these days. So how's the weather out your way?? We got quite a bit of snow here today out in Brockport, New York for quite a long while and it quit a long while ago!! I really miss messaging with you and hope that when you get a chance that we'll get to "chat" for a while. And I hope that we do well before my coordinator and broker and Rep payee come out to meet me and then take me close into Rochester and see about another apartment for me and then get my art and also photography business back up and running again... so for now take care of yourself, miss you and hope that your daughters are doing well and whenever you get a chance I'm always here for you... as always David... Kal6217
4/21/21 at 10:26pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of grandma_gingerbread:
Hi Joyce, it's been quite some time that I heard from you, and hope that you're doing okay these days!! David "Kal6217" Miss you...
4/18/21 at 1:12am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of grandma_gingerbread:
Hi Joyce, I hope that you're doing well these days!! I miss messaging with you and wish that we could message once again!! Hope that you're doing well these days and that everything, well, you and everyone else are doing well as of late!! Take care, David
4/7/21 at 6:54am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of CollieSmile:
Hi Elaine!! It's me, David, hey, I hope that you're doing well these days and I'll be getting back to you real soon!! I'm placing together the two parts of my book together that I'm working on!! You know it as Khonsu's Children: The Legend of Darak and Mhark and now it has an opener... So other than that I did up a few notes on when we messaged the first time and being that everything's in place, I how have a broker and a rep payee and have been going through boxes and totes and seeing on what can be donated and what's coming with me!! So watch for a PM from me as I'll explain and tell you a lot!!! David
4/6/21 at 2:15am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of CollieSmile:
Hi Elaine!! Hope that you've been well these days.. so here you've been a night owl as of late and here you had uploaded your first April wallpaper since yesterday... and here I am tonight!! And figured that I'd stop by to say hello and to see how you're doing as of late. It's a quiet evening here and have answered back to my Caroline a short time ago... that's a great shot that you took of that female Downy woodpecker!! I hear you on being thrilled about getting that close of a shot of her!!! Great job on uploading that wallpaper... and as you had said you uploaded that wallpaper as a test!! By the way, I'll be sending you another PM in response once I have all of what I've boxed up around here and doing the same next week that's in the storage room down the hallway. My coordinator Justin has found a broker for me and all that is needed is a Rep Payee now... and then it's apartment hunting time and he's going to see about getting me back into having my art/ photography business set up along with a website!! Okay, with that said I'm going to see about doing another PM for you to read and I'll say this now that you're going to be shocked once you've read it. And I'll be doing that sometime tomorrow as I'm looking forward to sitting down on the couch and turn it on my DVD player and watching some more episodes of Sliders with Jerry O'Connell... catch up with you sometime tomorrow!! David P.S. when you happen to get a chance to read a little something I'm going to just you let me know when you do and I'll tell you a little bit about that as well!!! Take care and hope everything's well out your way, David
4/3/21 at 1:43am
Kal6217 commented on the Music wallpaper Julianne Hough.
She's a beauty!!!
3/31/21 at 4:24am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of emma999:
And a Happy Weekend to you Emma!! David
3/28/21 at 8:15am
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of SkyPhoenixX1:
And a very Happy Spring to you and that you have a very nice weekend!! David
3/27/21 at 11:54pm
Kal6217 has commented on the profile of CollieSmile:
And a Top of the world to you Elaine!! Hope that you're having a beautiful Saint Patrick's Day and I'm wearing my green today!!! David
3/17/21 at 8:27pm
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