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Journal for CiuvazJournal for Ciuvaz
Okay, so after I’ve washed my face from all those salty tears, I can friggin write this.

God, what a story I had to swallow. At 1st I thought it was going to be like To Love Ru, or something. Well ... except those-aliens-from-space type of thing. And perhaps less ecchi. But ... I was wrong.

I didn’t think I’ll see something more ... tragic than Canaan (even though the thing that struck me the most in it was just what happened to Hacko. Else was self explanatory).

It all started with such a beautiful romance: a boy (Makoto) was really into this girl (Katsura) and wanted to meet her, but didn’t know how to approach her. (lol, just like most of us hahahha (in school/high school anyway)) Then, really soon appears a helper (Sekai). This helper appears to know the girl he likes and tries to get him into a relationship with her.

So later on it appears that Sekai is also in love with him. And to make it rather similar to other animes, a whole lot of other girls appear to like him. (this sounds like a typical hentai scenario hahahha)

But then I start hating this boy. It’s cuz he cant make up his friggin mind and when girls ask him about his feelings, he’s like “eh? What?” etc

So, typically, a lot of tears begin to be shed by those girls. I was touched, but wasn’t really giving a damn, until I saw how hard was Katsura trying to love him, after all he has done. And to make it even worse, her classmates were pushing her around etc. Reminded me of when I was in school, lol -,- but anyways – yea, Katsura was still standing strong (just like me XDDDD). She believed in him till the very end.

Ah yes, the ending. Very unexpected. First of all, I didn’t think they would go as far as ... killing o.0 you loved him this much, yet you kill him? Or was that out of jealousy? Still, unbelievable. (spoiler (to let you know what Im talking about) – Sekai kills Makoto).

Then that final scene on the roof. I gotta hand it to Katsura: she got creative and sent a message from Makotos phone to Sekais. (Spoiler: Katsura then kills Sekai). What was intriguing, was that she brought a bag with her. I think she went insane (out of love?), since what was in the bag, was .... the boys ... head. I assume. Since ... Sekai almost threw up.

However, I really thought that Sekai wasn’t lying about her pregnancy. Until the final scene, maybe. Yea, I guess she was lying, she was so jealous that she could do anything.

I kind of wonder, what if her best friend was with her, would she still commit to murder? If she knew that her best friend was also into that boy, what would she do?

What shocked me as well was ... how Katsuras eyes became soulless (lost their shine), after so many rejections. I must’ve really felt for her. That was the moment when I started crying XD hahhaha.

So, when I’ve seen a few episodes (2 actually), I stopped watching for a bit and I thought already about what I was going to write. But it changed, after I’ve just seen this to the end XD geez ...

I was feeling sad and indifferent towards the end, as (spoiler) Katsura was holding (what appears to be) Makotos head, while the yacht is just in the middle of the ocean. As she whispers something like “finally, it’s just the two of us”. Did she go insane?

Next up: Le Chevalier D'Eon

P.S. wish me luck going to sleep now, after so many emotions XDDDDDD
Well personally I only remember all of the bad deeds that have been done to me. Like, all of them. Everything about them. Who, what was done, what was said, what happened etc.

^ dunno why it's like that.

I only try to memorize and pay attention to things are dear and/or interesting to me, though.

I indeed cant remember all of my past, but I cant really say that I want to. Lol. I do, however, remember some part of my childhood and few other things, but isnt it like that with most people?

"Memories are wordless"

Good luck with making/writing those stories! :)
Heh wow, the action ... this anime was full of it. During the fight scenes, I felt that strange feel of energy (maybe it was enthusiasm or maybe it really dragged me in), same one, which I felt when I was watching dragonball, long time ago.

Loved the spectacular powers and fighting techniques that each character had.

I think this anime is best compared with Blade of Immortal, another anime, based on really similar (if not the same) historical period. The difference between them, however, was that in Sengoku, you see fights amongst the most powerful leaders of whole nations and their generals, while in BoI, it's just fights amongst mercenaries, or a mercenary versus a clan. Sadly, BoI had no real ending, unlike Sengoku.

What I liked the most about this anime was the relations between the leaders and their followers plus the fight scenes, which were as energetic as ever.

Couldnt really understand which was the main character in this one, though. Guess there's 2 of them then, that Masamune-dono guy and Yukimura.

The ending was quite awesome, but rather generic: the last fight with the evil lord and the good always wins type of thing. But since I enjoyed where it was going, I wasnt displeased :P

Next up: School days
Like the title says.

Anyway, it seems like it has no real ending and overall, it ended just when things got interesting.

Well, it's not that it was boring at the start, but when you start watching, usually you dont know much about the characters and relations between them. I also didnt quite understand what were those fluffy things at 1st. Actually, for a second I thought that it's some sort of pokemon/digimon ripoff XD but that thought went away pretty fast as I kept on watching.

So two things were really bothering me all the darn time while I was watching:

1. How come a guy, who can turn into a girl, is not interested in exploring the girls body? XD yea yea, I know im not watching hentai and all, but Im really not buying his reaction to all this. Also the main character was damn clumsy and at times I thought "wth are you doing?" or "when are you gonna tell her that you like her?" etc. Very weird and rather shy guy. Shyness fitted well once he was a girl, though XD
2. How can you ignore all those awesome chicks hitting on you? LoL, seriously. No comment on this one.

^ hope I dont sound like I didnt enjoy watching all that, but just the main character was too weird and too hard to understand for me. Im not buying his behavior at times.

One part about the ending (episode 11, since to my understanding 12th one was Xmas special) cracked me up, though. It's when those plushies acted like their support meant a lot in the ending fight XD I lol'd so hard when they said "without our support, they would've lost". Yea right, like your damn rainbows helped, like at all XD

Mmmm, that kind of concludes my thoughts on this anime, it's sad that there's no ending, hope to see new episodes come out some time.

Next up: Sengoku Basara.
Been wonderin' why I havent seen you and your uploads for a while, until I stumbled upon this.

Gee, I hope you get back someday, I had fun talking to you even if it was just a fairly short convo ^^
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