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Journal for danieltowseyJournal for danieltowsey
The Magic Hour
Written by
The Visionary Folk Photographer

The magic hour is created by Gods beauty.

There are two magic hours.

A magic hour occurs one half hour before on to one half hour after
either the sun rise or the sun set.

The ideal time and place is as follows.

A magic hour does not happen often.
One has to be very observant of places
and the weather to capture an image of Gods magic.

The ideal weather conditions are a completely windless time
with whisper thin high altitude clouds.

The clouds will then reflect the colors of the sun back down to earth,
when the sun is below the horizon.

In a place where you have an expanse of water in front of you.
Where the water has no waves.

The water will create a reflection of the heavenly colors in sky.

You then place your camera on the tripod that you just made perfectly level.

The camera is set to night shot or slow exposure.

You can experiment with the exposure time.

A camera sees much better then the human eye.

With the slow exposure the camera will capture all the colors in the sky.

Having no wind is ideal for these long exposures
as you do not want any wind to move the camera while taking the pictures.

I call these images. Glow Images.

Please go here http://danieltowsey.photoshop.com
Have a look in the Glow series album for beautiful examples.

You will also have the time to take a series of many (panoramic) pictures
from on end of the horizon to the other.

Be sure to make sure that each picture will over lap the next to the center of the image.

This is why it is so important that your camera and tripod be perfectly level.

You can then use a photo stitching program to easily join your images.

Unfortunately I have not yet found any on-line photograph community sites that can upload panoramic stitched images.

Please let me know if you find one.
Contact me at;
[email protected]
A Crude Wildlife Funeral Eulogy
by A Truth Soldier


It was a very somber day.

The media continuously reported the events that led to the death of wildlife.
There was no long funeral procession in the Gulf of Mexico,
of whales, sharks, and dolphins, the fishes and birds did not attend either.

Their was only the human animal that could show up for the funeral but they did not choose to attend. They were to concerned about using up the fuel in their fuel tanks
and they could not bare the crude stink of death in the air at the funeral.

Someone had the idea of lighting up an eternal black flame in memory of the death of wildlife.

This eternal flame would bring a dark cloud over the whole planet and choke out the air
and sunlight that this last remaining animal needed to survive.

At the wake it was announced that all the wildlife died the most excruciating death.

They choked and died in a black sea of slimy black crude.

It was a very slow and painful death.

The wildlife was buried in this black crude of death.

Few spoke kindly of the memory of how the wildlife lived free and wild.

How the wildlife never did any harm to anyone.

No one spoke of the slow death of wildlife that had been coming on for years.

For the few that attended the funeral were the ones that were part of the cause of the death
of the wildlife.

Those that attended the funeral were very somber
for they realized that they were in deed attending their own eulogy.

For without wildlife it was guaranteed that they would also soon die.

There was only one crude black tear shed. The tear came from heaven for God was crying.
God saw that his creation had received a mortal wound and the very blood of the core of the earth is gushing from a vital artery puncture.

The doctors that have previously covered the Gulf of Mexicos’ bed with many man made arteries were unable to stop the massive bleeding. They knew that the patient would not survive.

Please read “God is crying” and read about the tears of a native Mi’kmaq elder in “My Vision Quest”



Last piece of the puzzle
written by A Truth Soldier
People often do not see the whole picture
until the last piece of the puzzle is in place.

Unfortunately they do not understand that if they wait for the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place, it will be to late.
All will be lost.

Unfortunately people are often so blind that they can not see or refuse to see the
picture that is developing in front of their eyes.

They refuse to acknowledge to themselves what they already see.

For what they see scares them so
that their mind goes into denial.

For what they see is so absolutely evil.

So absolutely ugly that the viewers
vision narrows into the black hole of hell itself.

The viewer is in denial that they themselves actually helped construct this image with their very hands and that their lack of action in not putting that last piece of the
puzzle in place created the image they now have to acknowledge and can not deny.

Piece by piece by piece they have been
lured into completing the puzzle.

For they believed that there is now way that the image unfolding
in front of their eyes could ever hurt them.

But they did not realize that once they set their eyes onto this
most scary and ugly image
that it would be seared into their minds forever.

The sheer ugliness of it would narrow their minds vision
to the very black hole of insanity itself.

For they now are looking at the creation of the
Devil himself’s New World Order of darkness.

You are now looking at the new dark ages.

For if humanity lets the last piece of the
puzzle be put in place in 2012.

That being the construction of the Banksters
total financial control of humanity.

You will for ever be enslaved to the Devil himself for he will have bought your very soul with money he created out of thin air.

Don’t be fooled into believing that different currencies from different countries makes any difference for the international Banksters also create and control that money.

The image you see in the puzzle is your very own death.

For your inaction will have created the New Dark ages.

That for most of us will be in the darkness six feet under.

For the power from the money has made the
international bankers completely and totally insane.

The world is doomed if people do not soon realize that if truth does not guide humanity into the future that we will have led ourselves into the very dark pit of insanity itself.

For Truth is an absolute and Insanity is absolutely the opposite.

God is the truth and the devil is very real indeed.

For the puzzle you just put the last piece in is the proof.

The last piece of the puzzle is you giving
up on the God of Heaven.

If you let the creation of The New World Order be completed
you will now have let the Devil create his hell on earth.

Be afraid, be very afraid of the good people of this planet doing nothing
to stop the evil that is unfolding.

For I am truly afraid of the good people who do nothing
about exposing the evil in this world to the light of truth.

God of heaven is that light of truth.

I here is a picture of the puzzle..

The Holy
White Cross
In A Dark Sea of Blood

Evil can only be defeated by exposing the Devils dark deeds to the warm light of Truth.

Your tunnel vision is developing into a black hole.
The black hole is creating the portal by which the Devils agents of Satan are entering.

Are you going to let the light of truth go out?

Or are you going to become A Truth Soldier in the war
against the New World Order?
For God is the Truth..He is now calling on all Truth Soldiers.

I have a dream
written by a truth soldier

I have a dream that people put truth ahead of money.

I have a dream that people fall in love with truth and not money.

I have a dream that people see the light of truth. and not believe in the American Dream as George Carlin said..”You have to be asleep to believe in the American dream” and then you’ll realize that its all a horrible nightmare.

I have a dream that keeps turning into a nightmare that wakes me up.

Then I come to the horrific realization that the nightmare is real.

The nightmare is so absolutely horrific that people everywhere are absolutely refusing to have a look at it.

The truth of the situation is just to impossible for people to accept.

The nightmare is that the insane are ruining this planet..

An insane person is one that never seeks or speaks the truth, for the opposite of truth can only be insanity. The insane hide behind a beautiful (what I call) corporate image.

Isn’t it amazing what money can buy? It seems to have bought peoples very souls.

“Truth is an absolute and insanity is the absolute opposite”

At this point in my writing this I realize that most of you might want to stop reading this thinking that I am just rabbling on about nothing..

Martin Luther King Jr had a dream.
John F Kennedy had a dream.
Michael Jackson had a dream.

and so have many others..and all never died in their sleep... they all lived their dreams and all died while awake at the hands of people they falsely trusted.

When are you going to wake up and see the light of truth?

Do you not realize that secret societies are destroying all that is beautiful.

Have you ever done some genuine thinking for yourself? Or has money totally enslaved your soul.

Have you ever gone online and did some research about anything you have accepted as truth that has been taught to you by the corporation state.

Here give it a try..

Type in Who Killed JFK, or Martin Luther King, or who did the Oklahoma bombing, or who orchestrated 911, or how about checking out who new about Pearl Harbour before it happened.. Hey don’t forget Waco,The destruction of Yugoslavia, The massacre in Rwanda, The sixty million killed behind the Iron Curtain,Or the Holocaust of the firebombing of all the towns and cities of Germany for every night while they slept for a whole year. Killing most of the Germany population.Holocaust is a German word that means to burn up in an inferno.......As you search for the truth you’ll soon discover that the corporate state has never ever told you the truth about anything your whole life...

Thats the reality that everyone is refusing to see and until you do you’ll never stop having nightmares.

It doesn’t matter what truth you search for, You’ll always find it if you stay away from corporate sources or government sources and go to independent medias.

You’ll soon discover that the Internet is absolutely awake with millions of Truth Soldiers in the war against the agents of secrecy and deception.

But be warned that the light of truth is about to go out forever if you do not get active now and start seeking and speaking the truth you learn.

In my dream as I walk around I am surrounded with beautiful truth loving souls.

A smile is always readily waiting anytime I need to see one for the truth lovers smile is always so beautiful.

For I learned long ago that there can never be love without truth.

Have you ever noticed that the first letter in truth is a big ‘t’
Have you not noticed that Jesus was killed on a big ‘t’ do you not understand that God is the truth and love can only exist in the presence of truth.

Do you not realize that Jesus was a Truth Soldier?

Do you not realize that all that join the Army of truth are Gods Truth Soldiers?

Now you know what a Truth Soldier is...are you going to become one?

Please read my “ A Truth Soldier” article.

Because I have a dream..

“When the seeds of truth are sown,
the grassroots truth revolution will
blossom from the enlightenment”

and then we will live in Gods paradise of beauty on earth were God always intended his paradise to be..

This paradise can not be bought with money....

You can only get to this paradise by seeking and speaking the truth..


A Void of Truth
Daniel J Towsey

Those who avoid the truth
Are insane.
For in a void of truth
There can only be insanity


So every-time one avoids
The truth,

They are exhibiting signs of insanity





Mental illness is a result
Of avoiding the truth.

Money buys a temporary fix
But guarantees the death Of
your soul,

do to overwhelming Mental Illness
Brawn and Charm

Most women have charm
Most men have brawn

But the perfect human has both.
and as nature intended
natural men and women
are made for each other.

We all need to maintain the natural
balance of both together.

“When the seeds of truth
are sown, the grassroots
truth revolution will blossom
from the enlightenment”
God is Crying
As he watches insanity take over his wonderful creation.

For the love of money over the love of truth.
For there can not be any love at all without truth.

As it has always been said. Money is the root of all evil.

The money masters are insane. For they know no truth.

They with their power of money have created an artificial and severely contaminated and deviated reality.

The reality is that truth is always very very simple,
and only lies and (self) deceptions are complicated.

The opposite of truth is always insanity, for without truth.

There can only be insanity.

Many today are looking outwardly for answers.
For now many are realizing something is very wrong.

Unfortunately all have ignored the simplest truth of all.

That is to look into your own soul for truth.

Have you always been truthful to yourself and others?

Don’t expect for answers to come from others.
The answer is so extremely simple. It lies in your self.

GOD is not religious. GOD is the truth.
GOD be with you in THE END
God is not Religious
by Daniel J Towsey

God is love and love can only come from truth.
The more truth you have in your soul the more love you will have to share.
You never need to go to an institution to find God.
If you have truth in your heart then you have God in your heart.
Some people like to think that each of us is a God.
God is the spirit of goodness.
The word God is a short form of the word good.
God is not a complex group of words written by a religion.
A person does not need to be religious to believe in God.
God is a personal thing.
Each of us has his or her own God if we choose to.
God is just a word, but the love we feel in our heart is a Godly spirit.
God is felt through truth and truth heals everything.
One can be cured of any mental illness with truth,the absence of truth is what causes mental illness and suffering.
The more truth you place in your soul the stronger your love will be.
Some people place their love in money and material gratifications and have never put truth in their souls.
This makes for a very lonely and sick place.
A person that has no truth is a very confused person.
This person has real difficulties in dealing with life.
So they deal with all of life’s challenges with aggression and hate.
Only a person that has never valued truth can hurt,torture or kill another.
There is a huge evil crime syndicate in this world that has been created by a small group of people who have taken control
of the production and distribution of the money.
It is called the new world order corporate system.
This evil empire absolutely does not value truth, they continuously deceive themselves and everyone else to maintain their evil empire.
They are doing more evil in this world than you can ever imagine because, truthful people have never possessed such evil thoughts in their minds. And as a result they can not comprehend or believe that such evil really exists.
So this proves my point about truth, for the good people of the world refuse to believe the truth that such an evil crime syndicate exists and that they are behind all the suffering in this world.
Without this truth in your soul we will continue to be hurt by this evil syndicate.
Without truth this evil will never end..
but this evil will be the end of us all.
http://danieltowsey.livejournal.com/6931.html Infinity
i liked this one allot
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